Beth Weinstein: Playing with Abundance

Beth Weinstein: Playing with Abundance, Episode 62, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

It’s natural to go through phases where you feel scarce, but you CAN master your money mindset! Listen in as Beth Weinstein shares some potent tips from her own money mindset practices that will help you align with the abundance that is your birthright.

In this episode, Beth Weinstein shares about…

  • Feeling gratitude every day as soon as you wake up
  • Practicing an abundance mindset by being grateful for the water you drink that keeps you alive
  • Realizing that abundance comes from within – from your connection to the earth, your heart and source
  • Ways to play with physical cash to support money mindset shifts
  • Understanding that money does not come from hard work, but from alignment to abundance
  • Hanging money around your house to remind yourself to stay abundant
  • The infinite availability of money
  • Embracing money as a friend, not something to fear
  • Experimenting with giving away money to the point of discomfort
  • Spending time in nature connecting to Mother Earth’s abundance
  • The power of reading books about wealth consciousness
  • When your mindset starts shifting towards abundance, your reality becomes more abundant

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