Psychedelic & Spiritual Business Coaching Program: What’s the Point?

Beth Weinstein: Psychedelic & Spiritual Business Coaching Program: What’s the Point?, Episode 78, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Making a 12-month commitment feels like a stretch for a lot of people. If you want to grow your business, you need to play the long game.
Why is my (LIVE!) Group Coaching Program NOT a typical business coaching program? Along with all the business steps and strategies, it’s also a deeply transformational, soul liberating, embodied leadership, energetic alignment, mindset mastery program for heart-centered humans ushering in a new earth.
When you feel the pull to get support in your buiness, it’s normal to be scared… or procrastinate… and find excuses not to commit.
After months of not having support, you might find that you get stuck again. Months or years go by with no or few new clients, not making much money, and wondering what you’re doing wrong. Then you want to quit.
Do not quit!
Instead, simply learn the right steps so you can grow now and exponentially into the future.
If you’re not feeling fully aligned, you seek clarity, and you know you’re meant for MORE… it’s time to consider joining the sacred container of the True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Program. This container is for you if…
▶ You’re ready to grow your heart-aligned business in a sustainable way that gives you ideal clients, fulfillment, freedom and fun.
▶ You want clarity, confidence and the exact steps to take to build the business you want
▶ You might have a business, yet something’s off… and you want to end the “feast or famine” cycle by having more consistent clients and consistent income in your business.
▶ You’ve done lots of trainings and certifications and programs, but haven’t trained in learning how to bring them all together, get clients, and actually help people with all you’ve learned in said trainings.
▶ You haven’t made as much money as you’d hoped, but you are ready to have a real business that financially, energetically and spiritually supports you.
▶ You feel stuck and want clients, but you don’t know what to do first or next.
▶ You feel like an imposter or feel “blocked”…but you’re ready to get past your blocks and “imposter syndrome” to get clients and real results in your embodied soul-centered business.

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