Psychedelics, Judaism & Religion with Madison Margolin

Madison Margolin: Psychedelics, Judaism & Religion, Episode 150, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Join Beth Weinstein and special guest Madison Margolin, a journalist known for her work on psychedelics and spirituality, as they delve into Madison’s unique upbringing at the intersection of Jewish and psychedelic culture and how these two worlds have impacted her life and work. Madison shares about her new book Exile & Ecstasy: Growing Up with Ram Dass & Coming of Age in the Jewish Psychedelic Underground and how the recent Israel-Palestine conflict has brought more complexity to the book launch process. Margolin also discusses some of the troubling dynamics in the fast-growing psychedelic space and the emergence of different business entities and interests in the market. She offers a fascinating glimpse into the increasing interest in psychedelic usage within different religious groups, specifically within the Jewish community and one of its sub-groups, the Hasidic community.

Episode Highlights

▶ 00:00 Welcome
▶ 01:15 Madison’s unique upbringing in a Jewish, “psychedelic” household
▶ 02:53 Explorations of Jewish, psychedelic culture
▶ 05:38 Early personal psychedelic experiences supported by family
▶ 13:44 Judaism and psychedelics: a deeper dive
▶ 21:50 Psychedelic use in different religious and ethnic groups, including Israelis and Palestinians
▶ 27:40 Challenges Madison has face promoting her new book since October 7th
▶ 29:51 Exploring psychedelic perspectives on conflict
▶ 32:33 Trials and tribulations being a leader in the psychedelic space
▶ 33:54 The dark side of the psychedelic industry
▶ 42:41 The future of psychedelic journalism
▶ 46:33 Shifting realities in the psychedelic marketplace
▶ 51:51 Madison’s book release and future projects

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