Showing Up on Social Media & Getting Triggered

Beth Weinstein: Showing Up on Social Media & Getting Triggered, Episode 130, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

How do we show up confidently and genuinely in a world where success is so often measured by likes on social media? Join Beth Weinstein as she shares her insights into the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in being ‘seen’.

Drawing from her own journey as an entrepreneur and her work with clients, Beth highlights the power of embracing discomfort and vulnerability as a catalyst for growth and expansion and invites you to join her group mastermind program where you will be supported in community while taking steps towards becoming more publicly visible while remaining deeply rooted in your authentic self.

Episode Highlights

  • The challenges of being seen and showing up authentically on social media
  • Personal experiences being triggered by coming into the public eye as an entrepreneur
  • Embracing the initiatory process of growth and expansion in becoming visible
  • Examples of clients who have achieved great results by facing their fears of showing up on social media
  • The role of vulnerability in building trust with your audience
  • The power of sharing your own stories and traumas to create deeper connections with both your clients and a broader audience
  • How the process of growth and evolution involves peeling away layers and facing new challenges at each stage
  • The importance of being held in a supportive community while taking small steps towards personal and professional growth

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