Trailblazing Psilocybin & Cannabis Healing in Oregon with Heather Shelton

Heather Shelton: Trailblazing Psilocybin & Cannabis Healing in Oregon, Episode 117, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Heather Shelton RN, BSN is a nurse herbalist who has worked with botanical medicine for over two decades. She provides consultations that include herbal medicine, cannabinoid therapy, nutritional guidance, and healthy lifestyle changes.  Heather blends her botanical medicine experience with her traditional nursing experience to offer a unique holistic approach to care. 

She is committed to working with mind, body, and spirit and is excited to support others on their healing journeys. Heather is an instructor for psilocybin facilitators in Oregon and is now the assistant director at EPIC Healing Eugene, the first licensed psilocybin service center in the country. 

She is a member of United Plant Savers, the International Association of Psychedelic Nurses, the Cannabis Nurses Network, and the American Cannabis Nurse Association, where she serves on multiple committees. Heather has a deep commitment to the Earth and serves as a board member of two non-profits, the Northwest Land Conservation Trust and Fox Hollow Forestland where she stewards land and leads workshops on herbal medicine, self-sufficiency, and Earth-based traditions. 

Episode Highlights

  • Heather’s inspiring journey to become the assistant director of the country’s first psilocybin service center, Epic Healing, in Eugene, Oregon
  • Heather’s holistic approach, which combines her traditional nursing and botanical medicine backgrounds
  • Navigating the complex rules and regulations of psilocybin therapy in Oregon 
  • Implications of the high demand for psilocybin therapy
  • How each variety of mushrooms used in therapy has unique properties and dosage requirements
  • How Epic provides preparation, integration, educational materials, and referrals to other professionals to support their clients’ healing process
  • Issues of accessibility to psilocybin therapy 
  • How the decriminalization of drugs may provide more freedom and reduce fear by promoting a safer environment for psychedelic use
  • Heather’s participation in Beth’s Mastermind program and how it boosted her confidence in herself and her faith in her vision

Heather Shelton’s Links & Resources

▶ Website:

▶ Website: EPIC Healing Eugene

▶ Email:

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