Tricia Eastman on Psychedelic Initiation & Facilitation

Beth Weinstein and Tricia Eastman on Psychedelic Facilitation and Initiation: Episode 02, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur PodcastBeth Weinstein and Tricia Eastman on Psychedelic Facilitation and Initiation: Episode 02, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

In today’s episode, Tricia Eastman shares about her journey to become a psychedelic medicine facilitator and the importance of doing both one’s own inner work as well as opening up to the spirit world in order to come to clarity about how to live a life of service and abundance.

Tricia Eastman is medicine women, author, and pioneer in the psychedelic movement. Eastman offers highly curated retreats in countries where use is legal working with Iboga, Psilocybin mushrooms, and 5-MeO-DMT. She has been initiated into Bwiti traditions of Fang and Ngonde Missoko tradition, as well as facilitated the psychospiritual iboga program for Crossroads Treatment Center in Mexico. She supports projects related to preservation of the sacred sites and plant medicines for future generations, as well as working with the ancient wisdom traditions with respect and reverence.

In this episode, Tricia Eastman and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • Coming to psychedelics to find a deeper alignment with her soul and experiencing a spiritual awakening
  • Healing from an eating disorder through discovering true self-love at the Crossroads Ibogaine clinic in
    Mexico and then becoming the director of the psycho-spiritual program at Crossroads
  • Traveling to Africa to find a deeper connection to iboga and become initiated in different branches of
    the Bwiti tradition
  • How working with psychedelics can reveal a roadmap towards a life of service
  • Learning how to listen deeply and receive answers from the spirit world
  • The impact of Tim Ferris’, Four Hour Work Week – shifting from being a workaholic to making space for
    her spiritual practices and evolution
  • How she went through a “dark night of the soul” and ultimately made a conscious choice to be fully
    present here on earth and share her gifts
  • The reality that you can be in spiritual alignment and integrity and have abundance
  • The medicine path as the fastest way to discover what our blocks are, and get to the core of
    negative patterns so we can focus more on what we truly love
  • Iboga as “the medicine of masters”, one of the top tools for healing and self-discovery (and check out this article Tricia wrote about Iboga preparation and integration).
  • How she sees entrepreneurs as highly motivated to optimize their work and their lives through deep
    inner exploration
  • Her views on the growing ‘profession’ of psychedelic facilitation – that sometimes people are seeking power through the archetypal role of being a medicine man or woman while not yet having found their own power internally
  • The importance of lineage and treating the medicines with respect
  • The unique challenges of working with the western psyche, particularly in a complex world where
    westerners do not have a ‘village’ to support their integration
  • How the movement is growing exponentially and more and more people are working with medicines
    while not giving enough focus to integration
  • How we are building a relationship with the medicine through integration work – this is how we give
    the medicines the opportunity to show us what they can really do
  • The truth that the medicines cannot do all of the heavy lifting for us if we’re not actually doing the
    inner work
  • How we’re currently in a collective initiation and must get our self-care codes down – what are the
    daily practices that help you maintain your center?
  • Her perspective that it’s our birthright to find out true self and the illegality of psychedelics is a
    disservice to humanity
  • Being called by spirit to her current project, creating a retreat center on the Azores Islands


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