Give Zero F***s

You may or may not have taken a look at what I’m up to with my “Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Business & Purpose” free summits . 

(Doesn’t matter because you have to hear about this journey around it… read on!)

Putting this psychedelic summit out there has been one of scariest things I’ve ever done.

I preface this by saying, people are LOVING the conference! They’ve given such great feedback, lots of people saying how happy that I did this, how helpful it’s been to them, how it’s inspired them and changed their life.

The expert speakers were also so excited that I put this together and were really so excited to join in.

But I had to do some deeeeeppp work around this for well over a year in order to “give zero f**ks” and finally put this out there…

I worked with my business coach and a mastermind group of supportive, like-minded entrepreneurs… did lots of Core Energetics. Did somatic therapy. 

Daily meditation, quieting the mind, going deep into my heart and cultivating more self-love than ever. Had tons of “downloads” about doing this (over 2 years worth).

Did work with a vocal alchemist to open up my heart and throat chakras. Took herbs and flower essences. Attended women’s circles and a women’s empowerment program… and more. 

It took a lot of inner work.… because I was afraid.

“Coming out of the spiritual or psychedelic closet” in this extremely authentic way brought up all the wounds around people pleasing, scared of rejection, wanting to be liked, afraid of disapproval from friends, my communities, my family, the world. Not to mention being afraid of “authority” and the powers that be.

(Can you relate? Have you ever had a deep journey to move through your fears?!)

Thankfully my family doesn’t really “get it” when it comes to my work with psychedelics, so that was an easy one. 😉

But, seriously…

I saw Rick Doblin, one of the key leaders in the psychedelics movement, speak over the weekend and one of his biggest messages was this:

“We must speak up more than ever. We must share our truth and educate, publicly. It’s not a time to hide and stay comfortable….it’s time to have our voices be heard to create the change we want in the world.”

(This made me feel really great about what I’ve been up to!!)

This is a form of spiritual activism.

You only live once. Your truth must be heard. Now is the time!  Now is the time to step into your power, live your purpose, share your voice and your path.

And this conference is a big part of my purpose and my path.

Many of my clients (but not all!) are also on the medicine path… and it’s my mission is to help them to do this, too.  To help them own their authentic selves, to follow their hearts, and align with their calling…and make money doing work that they love so they can live the life of freedom, fun, fulfillment and abundance that they want and deserve.  (Which is your birthright!)

It feels great to own who I am and speak my truth that’s been helping people already…and it’s only been a week!

So far, no one has denounced or judged me like I was afraid they might

(and if they have, they’re too cowardly to say something to my face, ha ha).

But I know whoever vibes with me, will. Whoever doesn’t will fall away. And more space will be left for those who not only accept me for who I am, but who are inspired and supported by their connection with me.

This is more than just about your business and making money. This is about creating a happier, better life for you and for everyone …creating new paradigms of life on Earth.  

I hope this inspires YOU to “give zero f**ks” and keep moving forward with your purpose!



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