Healing and Transformation through Entrepreneurship

Do you ever think this:

“I’m not ready to start or grow my business yet… because I’m still working on myself and my healing”

Ugh! I’m sooooo over hearing this one! Here’s why.

People often feel they need to “heal more” before they’re ready to get their work out there.

(TBH, I personally don’t even like using the words, “heal” and “healing”.  There’s really nothing to “heal” … you are a perfect being as you are. All you need to do is open your heart, love and trust!)

Below is what I said to someone who was debating whether or not to join my True Path Business Mastermind Coaching Program. She decided to delay her dreams even more, and told me “I’m going to focus on my inner healing instead”.  (Dohh)

You see, she’s a very gifted leader and herbalist who’s not making enough money in her biz. She still has to work a “job” to “pay the bills”… but the world really needs her help!

Instead of helping more people, she’s stuck in her story of “I still need to heal before I make money with my gifts”.  Her ego is tricking her, and she’s playing small.

What I said to her…

“It’s not about waiting until you’re done working on yourself. Quite the contrary, actually!

Here’s the truth.

I wish I could convey to you how the real TRANSFORMATION and DEEP healing actually comes *through* taking “Quantum Leaps” to grow your business, and yourself….

Quantum leaps into TRUST.

Quantum leaps in making a COMMITMENT to your mission, your growth, your service and your vision for your life.

It’s not about “heal first” and then you’ll be ready. The “healing” comes *within* the journey…

If we all waited to “finish working on ourselves first”, no one would be a coach, healer, herbalist, meditation teacher, therapist, or doing any other kinds of transformational healing work that helps others!!

I can tell you from my own experience, and what I’ve seen in my clients, peers, my teachers…the healing comes through when you step into your True Path of service to your heart, to others and the planet as a whole.

The way IN is THROUGH.

All my teachers are still growing, healing and working with their teachers:

– My meditation teachers do long retreats with their teachers.
– My shaman drinks medicine and learns from the plants.
– My coach works with her coaches and healers.
– My somatic therapist goes to workshops and trainings.

The journey of growth does not “end”.

(Well, maybe if you’re an ascended master… Buddha, Jesus, etc… that’s another story).

But unless you’re Buddha, please stop using this as an excuse to keep your gifts and wisdom all to yourself, and NOT to help others.

I know you may already in service to others, but it’s about making a larger commitment to you and the Universe when you take a big leap into a next level version of yourself and your life.

It’s kinda like an initiation, and a conversation with the Universe… A conversation saying:

“Hey Universe, I’m here! I’m ready to serve on a deeper, greater level! And I’m ready to receive the abundance in return!”


I’ve been on a deep spiritual and personal growth path for a long, LONG time, but the exponential growth and healing came through taking the leap, surrendering and TRUSTING the process.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve grown, healed and upleveled over the last 7-8 years since becoming an entrepreneur.

And how much deeper my growth got when I went from “hobby” (i.e. not investing in my biz growth, and still working other jobs) to “real business” (investing into my biz growth so I can live off of my biz).

That growth came from my commitment, perseverance and deep trust.

Commitment to myself and my life when I took the leap, saying ‘it’s now or never, I’m here for something more… let’s do this’, … and trust when waiting for the net to appear.”

I leaped…and the net appeared.

This woman is incredible, filled with years of training and wisdom. She has sooo much to give to others, and a passion that comes through in her being and her every word.

It makes me sooo SAD to see her not helping as many people as she could be, and not making the money she should.

I understand everyone’s on their own journey, and I sent her all my best. But I can’t help to share what I know to be true.

I know it’s scary, but the only way past your doubts and fears is ~ THROUGH ~.

So. Are YOU ready to leap and see the net appear?  If so, book your free coaching call here now and let’s talk.