Nightmare: Spiritual Entrepreneur Going Back to a J-O-B

I had a terrible nightmare the other night…

I had a nightmare that I got a *J.O.B.*… where I worked for someone else and had to be at an office at a determined time.

Even worse, the job was in the fashion industry.

The experience I had in this dream was SO painful and disturbing!!! 😱

I had an uneasy, anxious sinking feeling in my body from having to be inside an ugly office with that bright fluorescent lighting…

…roasting from too much dry heat in the winter; wearing sweaters in subzero air conditioning in the summer.

Reporting to a boss who doesn’t seem to care about you, and definitely doesn’t appreciate you enough…

  1. Days. A. Week. 😩

Do you ever have nightmares like this? (Or do you live this in real life?) 

I was so relieved when I finally woke up!! 

I woke up without an alarm, drank water, made tea, watched the sunrise, meditated, talked on the phone with my man, answered some posts in my Facebook group, wrote a post and went for a run after taking a 10am call.


I haven’t worked for anyone else in almost 7 years — I have freedom to do what I want and work when I want, so I’m sure you can imagine why this was a nightmare.

Here’s the thing.

I don’t think anything is wrong with having a job and working for someone else.  

I don’t dislike corporations or anything like that. 

I understand the wonderful benefits of having a career.

And I am definitely NOT telling you to go quit your job at 5pm today!! 

(Actually, many of my clients and members of my upcoming True Path Mastermind Group work full-time or part-time jobs while they take steps to get their business off the ground!!)


I do NOT believe we are meant to live our ONE AND ONLY LIFE doing working we don’t love, putting our dreams aside, living in fear, exhausted by the rat-race where you never seem to get ahead, and spending 1/3rd of your life doing work that leaves you totally UNFULFILLED.

I don’t know about you, but back then, my nightmare career gave me:  anxiety, insomnia, a wine-after-work drinking problem, a shopping-too-much-to-make-myself-feel-better problem, fights with partners, bitchy to friends, distance from family and I even missed vacations because of my job. 

My god, I wasn’t able to go to Burning Man for years because of my job… what a shame missing all those legendary years!

Actually, I’m sooooo thankful I had a jobs that made me miserable, worked under nasty bosses and sat in a small cubicle in an ugly office with bad lighting….

…because those painful years of working in a miserable career motivated me even more to follow my heart and create a freedom-based business working for only myself where I get to work WHEN I want, HOW I want and FROM ANYWHERE on Earth, including my sunlight-filled home with a thermostat controlled only by ME!

Having nightmare-ish career for over 15 years was a blessing. 

I could feel my soul being eaten alive each day… I knew there had to be more to life than working a miserable job after miserable job the rest of my life.

The biggest regret during it all was that I didn’t start working on my business earlier, especially when I had a cushy, stable income.

I learned the hard way.  I had to get laid off more than once and waited for the Universe to force me to follow my heart and create my own income. 

Which was much harder than if I had only listened to what my soul wanted, and what my intuition knew to do – to take actions to grow my business years earlier. 

If you have a feeling that you are here for something more… that you want to step into your true calling, or want to work for yourself and grow your dream business, the BEST thing you can do is to take steps to start and grow it NOW. 

The world is changing fast… we don’t know the future of many industries. There is evidence of technology eliminating jobs everywhere. Do you know if your job will even exist in 2, 5 or 10 years? 

Don’t wait until it’s too late…begin to create what you really want for your life and career, now.

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With love,