Intentional Psychedelic Work for Business and Beyond

Exploring the Intersection of Psychedelics and Business

I want to share a process that I’ve used for myself and for some of my clients to work with psychedelics and get some clarity in your business. I know – the idea of combining something as sacred as psychedelics or plant medicines with business and money might seem off-putting or even blasphemy to some. However, as we navigate through the current transitional times, it’s important to recognize the realities of our world – where money still plays a role in your life.

I’m here to question the purpose of psychedelics, and I’d like you to ask yourself as well – why are these substances growing in popularity right now? Why are they found here on earth?  Are they ONLY meant to be used for expanding human consciousness, or might they have any other purposes to them?  Could they have a broader role that intersects with our modern, everyday life… including business, impact, and creating change and transformation in the world?

This exploration isn’t about money or financial gain. It’s about understanding the intentional use of psychedelics and sacred plant medicines in the context of conscious business – looking at how these medicines can provide insights and clarity in what we call “business”. Let’s explore how ancient medicines can intersect with purpose and modern service-centered business.

Dissolving Energetic Blocks

People often turn to practices like psychedelics to heal personal issues, calm their depression, ease their anxiety, or work through trauma. I believe the healing aspect will always be involved in some way, whether that’s your intention or not.

As a psychedelic business coach, I commonly see that the core of what’s stopping clients from creating momentum in their businesses are energetic “blocks” and limiting beliefs. These blocks are often rooted in trauma patterns embedded within their bodies and energy fields. Recognizing this connection is important to understanding and working through these obstacles in your personal and business lives.

Let’s say you are a new entrepreneur or an established business owner seeking more clients, greater reach, or more clarity about your next business direction. Maybe you’re unclear about your purpose, your business model, or the next steps for growth and your expansion. In these scenarios, psychedelics can help you unlock new perspectives and insights that might be harder to uncover in your typical day-to-day life experience.

Psychedelics as the Key to Unlock Your Potential

There’s always something that comes forward during our psychedelic experiences. And of course, there are different theories on how psychedelics work and the visions and messages we get when we tap into them.

The use of psychedelics can lead to what some describe as ‘downloads’, visions, insights, or revelations. This experience is often interpreted as communication with the higher self, or it could be seen as a connection with a spiritual entity, the unconscious mind, or a higher power.

There are varied beliefs about the nature of this higher self, but the common thread is that psychedelics can unlock parts of your mind, allowing access to knowledge and insights that are already within you. I believe when you’re in a pure surrender, open-hearted space, your higher self reveals insights and ideas that might otherwise remain hidden. 

Exploring Your Purpose Through Entheogenic Medicines

Engaging in spiritual growth through sacred plant medicines, psychedelics, and other spiritual practices is a way of inviting your soul to have a greater presence in your life. This is true whether or not you consciously recognize it.

So if you’re drawn to work with psychedelics, there’s likely a deeper reason behind it. In the context of career or entrepreneurship, if you’re dissatisfied with your current job and sense a greater purpose calling you, I view this as a direct summons from your deeper self.

When people step into transformational work, healing, or coaching, I believe most of them are motivated by a calling that goes beyond just making money. This is true for almost all of my clients. They’re driven by something that really lights them up, often aimed at giving back to the world or helping others create change.

Tapping into Psychedelic Experiences for Clarity and Direction

For me, this realization of my true purpose for work and life came in my 20s and 30s. I had worked with psychedelics from a fairly young age. They’ve been a big part of my spiritual and personal growth.

Around my late 20s is when I first noticed the potential for psychedelics to unlock deeper meanings and truths in life, and around my 30s I started questioning everything about life – What was the point of going to work? What was the role of money in my life? How could I find ways to create happiness outside of work? A lot of people find themselves living like this and following this mentality of “I need to make a lot of money so that I can be happy when I’m not at work.”

When I started working on a deeper level, with intentional psychedelics, meaning in ceremonial settings, quiet settings, or solo settings, I would ask myself: “What is my purpose, and what is life all about?”. Sometimes I would get answers, and sometimes I would go in with a totally different intention and only get answers on my purpose. Often, I would get answers that were very vague – symbols or images that didn’t make any sense at the time.

But here’s what I’ve done with clients in the past, and this is what I want to teach you. Let’s say you’re struggling with something in your business. You feel like you’re missing the key to the lock, there’s no abundance flowing, and you’re not feeling aligned, so you want to figure out what the problem is.

If you’re feeling stuck or unclear about your business or career goals, and you desire something that hasn’t manifested yet, you can use psychedelics with specific intentions. I’m sure you’ve heard of setting intentions with psychedelics, but what about setting intentions related to your business or career while also being open and surrendering to the experience?

Setting Intentions and Surrendering Yourself to The Experience

So to give you an example of one thing you can do, in The True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program and my private coaching programs, my clients have access to an in-depth and intense form of evolutionary astrology through a colleague of mine. This is not standard astrology; it’s an intensive, two to three-hour session that offers deep insights into your soul’s purpose.

I also spoke to some members of my free Psychedelics and Purpose Facebook Group about using astrology in psychedelic settings. I’ve taken things like my soul’s purpose, astrology readings, Gene Keys, human design, Akashic Record readings, and other golden nuggets that have come through my own meditative missions.

These tools serve as a means for contemplation and self-exploration. It’s important to note that none of these modalities will provide all the answers, but they can guide you in understanding yourself and your true path better.

A huge piece of finding your true path and exploring your callings is letting go of the attachment to getting all the answers. It’s human nature to want to know everything but it’s an impossible task to focus your time and energy on.

Inviting Divine Guidance into Your Business Decisions

An example of how I approach this idea of setting intentions while surrendering myself is I’ll talk about something in my business. Maybe there’s something I’m supposed to be launching, and I’m feeling on the fence about it. I love serving clients and creating new offers and ways to work with people, but my plans have to come from a place of alignment.

If I’m going to a psychedelic session or a ceremony, I bring a mantra or prayer with me. I understand that not everyone resonates with the term ‘prayer,’ but in my view, whether it’s called prayer or intention, the essence is to connect with spiritual guidance – be it guides, angels, teachers, or ancestors.

When setting intentions, it’s important to be open and non-attached to the outcomes. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. The idea is to create a space for guidance and assistance, rather than making demands or having rigid expectations.

For instance, using a simple, heartfelt sentence in your prayer or intention can be effective. Phrases like “help me see,” “help me release,” or “guide me” are examples of this approach.

They are open-ended and allow for collaboration with a higher power or the universe. This mindset acknowledges that there may be a greater plan beyond our immediate understanding. A good practice is to focus on a single, simple prayer, sentence, or mantra that embodies what you seek.

For example, you might say, “Help me gain clarity on my new offer.” This approach invites guidance and insight while remaining open to possibilities that you might not have considered.

Another prayer I always recommend to my clients is to just ask “How can I be of service?”. It’s a general intention that comes from a place of wanting to help and to serve. If you leave space for the divine to co-create with you, you will start to get some answers around it.

Ayahuasca and Realizing Your Potential

Many of my clients who are also exploring psychedelics find my programs helpful for integrating their experiences. They often share with me that during psychedelic sessions, they receive ideas or visions that feel overwhelming, unattainable, or beyond their current abilities.

They struggle with doubts, feeling unqualified, or experiencing impostor syndrome. They say “I’m not ready for that,” or “I’m not qualified” or, “Who am I to do that?”. I tell them to get inquisitive and curious around the visions that come through and to ask themselves “What would that be like?

In 2016, during a retreat in Peru where I participated in several Ayahuasca ceremonies over ten days, I had a profound vision on the last day. At that time, I was just starting my coaching business but wasn’t fully committed to it yet.

In this vision, I saw myself helping people who were on a similar spiritual path – individuals involved in medicine work or spiritual practices, aiming to help others. This vision was focused on helping others offer their services and themselves to the world.

What struck me about this vision was that it wasn’t about money, success, or outcomes. It didn’t concern itself with how many clients I might get the practicalities of the business or how much money I’d make. It just showed me the energy and the purity of just serving from my heart – of just helping others without any attachment to the outcome.

This experience was so profound, beautiful, and influential for me – reinforcing my intention to have a heart-centered business in service to others. I still conjure up this vision on a regular basis over 7 years later – it’s become a guiding light on my True Path of entrepreneurship. I wrote more about it here in Psychedelics For Purpose: Ayahuasca and My Path and in this podcast episode.

Surrendering to Your Visions

I recently read “The Surrender Experiment,” which I highly recommend to everyone. Inspired by the book, I decided to apply its principles to a vision I had. This meant incorporating the vision into my daily meditation and contemplation, asking myself what it truly means and how it can be integrated into my life.

This approach isn’t just for psychedelic experiences; it applies to ANY insights, whether from other non-ordinary states like breathwork, shamanic healing, energy work, astrology, Gene Keys, human design, or Akashic Record readings. It’s not just about receiving these insights but actively working WITH them, using them as guides, and contemplating them for pathways of potentiality. 

This is the method I applied to my vision and what I teach my clients. When engaging in psychedelic work, it’s essential to set an intention. As ideas and ‘downloads’ emerge, the key is to interact with them thoughtfully.

While many recommend journaling post-ceremony to capture these insights, I personally don’t always journal. I have a vivid imagination and a sharp memory, so I remember most of what I see during my ceremonies. However, attempting to remember everything from a psychedelic journey or plant medicine ceremony can also be overwhelming at times.

The important step is to INTEGRATE – to bring these psychedelic insights into your day-to-day life, to reflect on them regularly, and maybe even include them in daily prayers. Ask for clarity and understanding, for the ability to see if and how these visions can unfold in your reality.

Navigating the Illusions and Insights of Psychedelic Experiences

Psychedelic experiences can also be misleading. Sometimes what you perceive might be more about ego than genuine insight. It’s crucial to discern and feel the possibility of each vision. Initially, I doubted the visions I received about my purpose, suspecting they were ego-driven illusions. 

However, as these visions persisted, I began to wonder about their potential. I started to consider how I could integrate these insights into my business. The idea of combining psychedelics and purpose began to take shape. This led me to explore the concept further, and within a few years, I launched my first psychedelic summit.

About two and a half years after my initial psychedelic experiences, I started to believe these visions could become a reality. During that time, I actively worked with the insights from my psychedelic experiences, aligning them with my intentions and prayers for guidance and manifestation.

I encourage you to try this approach in various aspects of your business, whether it’s overcoming money blocks, mindset issues, impostor syndrome, or growing your spiritual business. There’s potential waiting to be tapped into, and setting intentions while working with psychedelics can be incredibly beneficial.

Remember that the medicines you work with, in my view, have spirits. I believe everything in our reality, including all types of medicines, possesses a spirit.

While opinions vary on this – for example, some might argue that LSD doesn’t have a spirit – I believe differently. Whether you’re working with psilocybin, Ayahuasca, Iboga, Bufu, Kambo, or even Rapé, Consider the SPIRIT aspect of these substances.

Every sacred medicine has its own spirit or unique energy, which we can also perceive as a personality. When you actively seek help, guidance, and support from these spirits, your psychedelic experiences become much more profound. It’s not just about ingesting a substance to alter your chemistry for a psychedelic experience. It’s about establishing a connection with these spirits, which are present to guide, help, heal, and teach us.

Three Key Elements of Intentional Psychedelic Work

In summary, I would recommend you focus on these three key elements: intention, contemplation, and connection. It’s essential to connect your intentions and prayers with other environmental elements. For example, consider the water you drink or the air you breathe. These aren’t just basic elements; they are part of the spirit that sustains us. 


I could discuss this extensively, but my main goal here is to offer practical tips for integrating sacred medicines and psychedelics into your soul’s work. This can significantly benefit your business. If you reach a point where you need support to expand your purpose and business, that’s where my support comes in.


My passion lies in helping clients merge their psychedelic experiences and medicine work with their life’s purpose, business, and financial success. This is more than just a job for me. It’s about aiding in the creation of a transformative, fulfilling new Earth, aligning with my soul’s purpose. Remember, you carry Your Own Unique Medicine and Your Medicine is What We Need for These Times.