2 Important Secrets to Manifesting (That are Often Ignored)

I don’t mean to brag, but I’m a power manifestor. 🙂 What about you?

I recently spent a 3-day weekend at a silent meditation retreat. You can learn more about why I decided to go on yet another silent retreat here.

I could talk for hours about the benefits of silence (oh the irony!), but instead, I wanted to share about something more fun about silence….


So, I teach my clients a blend of “the practical” — the step-by-step how-to’s, marketing, getting clients, etc, and “the mystical” — neuroscience-backed tools and techniques and spiritually-grounded mindset and energy work.

“Manifesting” is totally real and it does work.

But there are some key points missing from a lot of what people are teaching out there!

People are out there saying things like

“You can manifest anything with your thoughts!” or

“buy my course and you’ll manifest your 6-figure dream business overnight!”


It actually makes me ANGRY to hear that because that is not the whole truth!

Here are two very important steps to “manifesting” that you must implement so you can have your dream life:


One thing that’s probably hard for you to grasp, and do, is to quiet your mind.

It’s hard for everyone, but especially you as someone tapping into your purpose, making big changes in your life, or being an entrepreneur.

Quieting your mind means silence and stillness. Not moving, not working, not doing anything, not thinking. True presence.

It means sitting quiet and still, dropping your mind into your heart, and observing your thoughts (because it’s rare our minds are actually without any thought).

Silence and stillness is what reduces your fears and worries, helps you see your blocks and limiting beliefs so you can get past them, it’s how you hear your intuition and see signs and guidance from the Universe, it helps you tap into your heart, your purpose, and is the key to bringing thoughts and desires into tangible form.

And I don’t mean false forms of what you think are silence/stillness (yoga, music, sleep, walking, dancing, etc) I’m talking meditation…. they are not meditation.

Meditation requires true stillness and concentration of the mind. All you need is 10–20 minutes every day first thing in the morning. Best is 2x a day, over 20 minutes, morning and night.


Ah, isn’t it interesting action is the polar opposite of stillness? Like other forms of creation, manifesting takes both of these two polarities (think masculine/feminine).

While I love mindset work around money, abundance, deserving, self-love, etc, in order to bring anything into the physical form, it also requires some actions… aka, “work”.

You can have all the business ideas, thoughts, strategies, and a super confident, positive mindset, but unless you take actions to bring in into earthly form, it will not just create itself.

Or, maybe it will, but it won’t get you to 6-figures…. or even 4-figures. I doubt you want to live on a 4-figure income.

The Universe wants to see that you’re really committed… it wants to see your actions and effort, in addition to your positive thoughts and gratitude.

Small actions in the present step add up, which is why I teach step by stepactions to grow your business.

For example, my coaching business started “accidentally”. Other people came to me and paid me for help before I realized it was a coaching business I had.

It kinda “manifested on it’s own”, but I was also busting my butt running another business, while helping people as much as I could. I was super generous and passionate about others growing their dream businesses, too. When I started thinking “I wonder how I could just do this all the time”, that’s when others told me I was a business coach.

But, not enough clients just “magically” came to me to be able to pay the bills. I had to learn to ground my business into the earth plane — and get step-by-step help to grow it to where I wanted it. (I still do, I have multiple coaches and team helping me behind the scenes).


So few people are truly present… are YOU as present as you could be in your life?

Do YOU have any real space, stillness and silence in your day?

Are you hyper-connected, always on your phone, running from place to place, busy busy busy, numbing yourself with all kinds of distractions and entertainment, totally unfocused and always feeling like you have no time?

And then you wonder why you’re unhappy…

…. Or feel a lack of meaning or fulfillment.

….Or aren’t doing work you love

….Or don’t have the life and money you want.

….Or feel a sense of having no purpose or direction in life.

….Or aren’t manifesting as much or as easily as you’d like!

I encourage you to truly commit to yourself and your life.

I encourage you to take these two suggestions to heart and give them both a try — complete inaction and tangible action — to help you take your life and dreams to the next level.

Let me know how it goes!

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