Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose, and Business: Integrating Visionary Experiences Into Conscious Entrepreneurship {Free Summit}

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Time for a vulnerable story you’ve probably never heard.

Many years ago, I was feeling lost in life… I had no clarity on what I wanted….And had no clear direction to follow…

Every time I tried to follow the Truth I felt in my heart, my fears would flare up and stop me. Every time I tried to go after my dreams, my fears would stop me from TRULY living my soul’s purpose.

Each day was a real struggle… I could barely get out of bed, I hated my career, I felt I had no meaning to my life, I was exhausted and depressed, and started to question what the point was of it all! If you saw me back then, you wouldn’t recognize me, and you’d never think that was the same person as I am now.

Fast forward to today and I barely recognize my life!

I’ve gone on to create 3 of my own dream businesses. I now make wayyyy more money than I ever made working for others (including when I had a “cushy” corporate job!)

And now I LOVE what I do so much!! I get to help transform the lives of others with my spiritual business coaching. My life is dedicated to creating impact in the world!

I used a number of tools and techniques to help me transform my life.

And one of the more important tools?

It’s been my work with psychedelics and sacred plant medicines.

Psychedelics and sacred plant medicines have helped me step into my life purpose, be a leader in the world, and manifest the life of freedom and fulfillment that I always wanted.

I’ve seen psychedelics and sacred plant medicines have profound, life changing effects on many of my clients and peers over the years, too…

But ONLY once they successfully integrated the messages and guidance the medicines gave them.

Plant medicine and psychedelics can be an invaluable tool to open up a new awareness and latent potential inside YOU, and help you to live your true nature and purpose.

And because of everything happening in the world right now, psychedelics and plant medicine can be an even more potent tool for growth.

So, why am I sharing all this with you?

I have put together a very special free event for you called:

Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose, and Business: Integrating Visionary Experiences Into Conscious Entrepreneurship. 

This zero-cost online event with over 33 experts in psychedelic , sacred plant medicines and entrepreneurship will reveal actionable tips on how to integrate your visionary experiences to reach your highest potential.

You’ll get access to over 33 of the foremost experts in the fields of psychedelics, sacred plant medicines, entrepreneurship, spirituality, personal development, visionary art and more— including Rick Doblin, David Bronner, Allyson Grey, Android Jones, Dr. Dan Engle, Amanda Sage, Christina Pratt, Tricia Eastman, Marie Mbouni and many others.

They’ll show you how to use these powerful visionary medicines to see your life path clearly and give you the courage to follow it.

Join the experts now to secure your free spot at the “Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose, and Business” online summit.

During this series, you’ll discover:

  • Actionable tools, tips, and strategies from +33 thought leaders that you can use right away to integrate your psychedelic experiences into your daily life (use these insights to create more meaning, purpose, and inner peace).
  • How psychedelics and sacred plant medicines have helped the speakers create lives of fulfillment, financial abundance and impact.
  • Insights on the role psychedelics will play in creating new paradigms of “work” and “business” on Earth… especially in a post-COVID world.
  • How to harness the power of your visionary experiences to create more impact and grow your income in an aligned way.
  • Mindset shifts to help you overcome personal challenges and blocks to creating the life you KNOW is possible (you’ve seen the possibility, after all).
  • Their personal thoughts on the future of psychedelic medicines and the path toward decriminalization.
  • How to make big changes and go after your dreams (even if you’ve struggled to pursue them).
  • How sacred medicines and psychedelics will help create new paradigms of “work” and “business” on the planet… and help all of us do work with more meaning, in service to humanity and the Earth.

I believe psychedelics and sacred plant medicine are here to help us navigate the challenges we face as a species. They’re here to help us get the clarity we need to find our purpose, define a clear path, and experience true happiness as we change the world.

They’re even more powerful if we know how to integrate and implement what they show us to create lasting change in our lives. Which is exactly what you’ll discover in Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose, & Business starting September 29th.

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See you there!