What it Takes to Truly Have A “Laptop Lifestyle” Coaching Business

laptop lifestyle coaching business


I wrote this from the Big Island of Hawaii where I spent two weeks “working from the beach” 🏝️   

Okay, I’m not literally on the beach right now – I’m actually here doing a deep, transformational retreat of sorts (but I went to the beach the other day and can see the ocean from where I’m sitting!)  

I had been wanting to go to this particular retreat center for a few years. Many friends have come back mega-transformed after being here, and I’ve heard nothing but raving about how incredible it was. 

But life was “too busy” to go…. moving, looking for a house to buy, other travels, other retreats, and this one was set aside.   

Last winter, I told myself I would come here next year.

And then life got busy again…actually buying the house, more travels, and so on.

About a month ago, I had the “I want to go somewhere warm” feeling… I thought about meeting friends in Mexico or Bali, or Envision Festival, and then I thought of this retreat in Hawaii I’ve been wanting to go to for a while.  

One caveat: my True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program was just starting I wanted to make sure my clients were going to be served with 110% of my heart, energy and soul…  

I was nervous about working from Hawaii at this time and was about to put it off once again. 

But I remembered that life is ALWAYS going to be “too busy”.  That there’s no such thing as “the right time”.   And “if not now, then when??”  

I remembered the intention behind why I wanted to go on this retreat, and reminded myself that I have my own business that I love-love-loveeeee for a reason!

So I got flights, paid for the very last spot in the retreat, and rented cars all in a matter of hours, 12 days before I left.

There’s no way in HELL I’d ever be able to have spontaneously book a 2-week long trip like this with a 12-day notice at any job I’ve ever had.  (Most companies I worked for never even allowed 2 weeks off at one time!)

I remembered….

(1) I have a business I LOVE that allows me to serve clients at 110% with the freedom to do so with a laptop and a phone. 

My business doesn’t fall apart when I travel, my clients still get results, I don’t quit making money and my business keeps growing and expanding. 

I’ve mentioned this before, but my business has actually has gotten BETTER the more I’ve taken time offline, doing work on myself at retreats and such, and/or traveling… because I learned how structures and put systems into place so that everything gets done, regardless of where I’m at!   

If you learn these systems, YOU can work from anywhere and take weeks offline, too.

(2)  Investing into myself and getting support for my growth is the key to getting everything I want in life.  

My intention for this retreat is to let go of anything that doesn’t serve me…  to do the deep, sometimes uncomfortable but necessary work so I can be more of an open channel to what wants to come through me, and be in the best possible service to YOU — to my community, all my clients, to Earth and all of Humanity. 

The more I grow and learn, the more I give to YOU.

The more I transform, the more YOU do too.

The more I learn by growing my business while traveling, the more I can teach YOU how to do it, too.

(Do YOU want to learn how to grow a business while traveling? Then check out one of my spiritual business coaching programs that will teach you the foundations and structure so you can have a successful online, freedom-based business that you love!)

This Hawaii retreat costs over $6000…. an uncomfortable amount to pay, of course.

But I know my investment supports me in unleveling my life and my business wayyyyyy beyond $6000!  I know I’ll make at least double that back from my investment.

It also gives to the retreat center so they can help even more people. And those people go on to help more people, and so on.  

That is how the energy and flow of money works. That’s how we transform lives.

If you’re living in scarcity afraid to invest in yourself and your dreams, and you keep telling yourself you “can’t afford it”, then consider this might why the Universe doesn’t send you more money…

If you’re living in fear, playing small, putting it off, staying comfortable or procrastinating, then Life doesn’t flow.  

You’re constricted, which means there’s no space for flow. 

When you’re stagnant, Life is stagnant right back at you. 

But when you make a COMMITMENT to invest into yourself, to step into the unknown to share your gifts with the world, and to show the Universe that you’re ready to go for it, the energy and flow of your investment comes right back to you.  

The Universe supports you even more when you show it what you’re willing to put on the line, that you’re ready to face your fears, to step into your power, and be in service to something greater than your scarce old self. 

ABUNDANCE then comes in like the massively powerful waves 🌊 here in Hawaii.  And it doesn’t stop! 

Here’s the truth – you CAN have this. If it’s here for me, it’s here for YOU. You are no different than I am.  

I’ve learned to invest in support, face my fears, and take the big leap into TRUST.  I’ve learned that “Leap and then net will appear” is true. 

All you have to do is take The Big Leap too.

A big fluffy net is there waiting to catch you — when are you finally going to jump??

Sending Love from Hawaii!


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