The Best Investment to Make in your Coaching or Healing Business

This was written while sitting by the pool in California, where I attended a 3-day business training. From here I go to LA, then Peru for over 2 weeks where I’ll be spending 10 days offline on a ayahuasca dieta in the Peruvian jungle. (Pre-COVID pandemic days, boo!)

With 8 flights, 3 long car rides, and a boat ride and staying in 5 locations over a 3 week period, many times the last few weeks I thought to myself:

“I don’t have time to attend this training! Especially right before Peru”.

And then thought “I don’t have time to go offline for a dieta in Peru, either!!”

Does it sometimes feel like there is NEVER a good time for you?

Or that you just never have enough time??

I’m sure you say to yourself “I don’t have time for X… now is not a good time for Y… I want to do Z, but maybe later … not yet …”

Do you say it once a week? Maybe even once a day? 

You see, time is your most valuable resource. And since the success of your business comes down to one thing — YOU! — why wouldn’t you invest the time into YOU to create more success?

YOU are the reason why others choose to pay you for your services. 

I was talking with a woman on the plane who’s also at this training.  She was telling me she has many coaches, goes to lots of trainings, and spends as much time “working on herself” as she does working on her (very successful) coaching business.

If you don’t take the time to grow yourself and “do work on” yourself, whether it’s business coaching, spiritual retreats, working with a coach, or other kinds of modalities, trainings, etc, that help you grow, how else would you be able to help others with their growth?

Whenever I have the thought “I don’t have time (or money) for…”, I remember the importance of investing time and money in yourself.  

Investing to grow YOU and your business helps your clients grow their business and themselves, which creates more abundance for you, and for them, and for the whole world.

Try noticing the next time you say “I don’t have time for…now is not a good time…maybe later…not yet…” and ask yourself this:

How are you putting yourself off for “later”?  

When and how will you invest time in yourself?  

When is it EVER a good time? (especially when NOW is all that truly exists?)  

Are you really going to wait and wait and wait until you’re 85?

Questions? Just hit reply and ask!

Much love,