I was recently in the middle of nowhere in the jungle in Peru to do deep transformational work, mostly in solitude, on my third 10-day “Dieta” — a traditional diet working with master teacher plants like Ayahuasca, Bobinsana, Renaquilla, Clavo Huasca and Una De Gato.

If you’ve been following me or part of my community for a while, you might remember my report after this same Dieta in Peru last year and how I shared about it being a challenging voyage into the depths of my darkest shadows (read about that here and another dieta here).

Well. Well. Welllllllllll…..

The Universe really loves to provide contrast so we can appreciate life. Both the ups and downs of life.

Before I left, I told you about all the great manifestations I’ve been having after an intense “dark night of the soul” year last year.

As strange as it sounds, sharing about those great manifestations was not easy.

What’s even weirder is how receiving and allowing in so much GREATNESS, ABUNDANCE, LOVE and SUCCESS was SO CHALLENGING!

Yes, “challenging”… even painful.

What?!? But WHY?

Have you ever noticed how uncomfortable it can be to have so much go so darn well, especially with so little effort? 

For example, over just a few months…

** I had a bunch of new clients sign on to work with me, all at higher rates than ever before, all within a couple weeks. (i.e., grew my biz faster, bigger)

** I fell deeply in love with the man of my dreams who I’ve been waiting to meet for years. He treats me like a queen, goes out of his way for me, makes my life better and easier, surprises me with thoughtful gestures and sweet gifts, is so supportive of me and my goals, and so on. He’s my literal vision and dream for a life partner finally come true.

** My clients got (and are still getting) incredible results…stepping into their true purpose, growing their business and their souls, and many are making more $$$ than they ever have in their biz!

** I became and felt so much more abundant than ever, and feeling more abundant, more supported and loved by The Universe than ever. And it gets better each day.

** “Random” bits of money show up; I made $1400 from a sale of an item I listed on eBay 6 mos ago that I had forgotten about; and been given so many great gifts, opportunities, and experiences, all easily, out of “nowhere”.

** I took 2 weeks off in one of my favorite places on earth (the jungle in Peru), with some of my favorite people on earth.

** A pesky injury I had finally healed, my body felt great, and I was finally able to run and hike for hours without any pain for the first time in over 3 years.

** I moved to a beautiful place surrounded by the beauty and abundance of nature, on sacred land. I wake up every morning to the sounds of birds and critters, and have more gratitude for life than ever before.

** And I’ve been vibe-ing sooo high that I literally feel it in my cells!


when all this amazingness was happening so intensely, I also started to feel more…





than I’ve had in a lonnnngg time…

I actually had craaazy thoughts like…

“Something terrible is going to happen…”

“When will this all end?”

“This can’t be real. Maybe it’s just a dream. I’m going to wake-up and find out it’s not actually real.”

“How is this happening? What did I do to DESERVE all this?!?”

“Maybe I’m going to die soon…these are just be nice gifts before I die”

WTH. I didn’t understand why I was feeling and thinking this way…!

So, I got real and shared this with one of my coaches about 2 weeks before I left for Peru…

“I’m totally freaking out. So much GOOD is happening, and I’m happier than I’ve EVER been in my life… but I’m also sooo anxious, scared and thinking doomsday scenarios! WHY AM I FREAKING THE F OUT?!”

My coach recommended a book called “The Big Leap”.

I read it on my way into and in the jungle.

And it changed my life.

It showed me exactly why all my destructive thoughts and feelings came up when all these amazing things — Love, Abundance, Joy, Fun, Success — were happening in my life.

Basically it comes down to this: 

My limiting beliefs and (flawed) conditioning were trying to keep me from living in the natural state of Love, Abundance, Joy and Success we are MEANT TO HAVE and live in… ALL. THE. TIME.

As I was having life-changing epiphanies reading the book, doing transformational work, and finally allowing, receiving in, and being okay with all the greatness in my life, I started to experience it all around me….

 Monkeys 🐒 were hanging out more than I’d ever seen there, jumping from tree to tree, making happy sounds, looking like they were playing and having FUN.

→ The Sun 🌞 was out and shining more than it ever had in the 3 years I’ve been there.. it only rained ⛈️ once for a half a day!

→ While I had nightmares almost every night; was still a bit scared of sleeping alone in an open-air hut in the middle the jungle; and had some deep, uncomfortable, dark and painful visions 😨….

 ….I was able to see, accept and SIT WITH pain, death, darkness, suffering, destruction, impermanence, and lots of other uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that arose.😑

 My journey was also deep, profound, healing and blissful.

→ And I finally fully understood how to work with the light, call in and shine light to transmute all the darkness, and I finally became a true✨Lightworker✨. 

→ BUT most of all, I finally got to understand and embody this truth: that we really are here to have limitless LOVE 💖, ABUNDANCE 💰, JOY 😊 and SUCCESS 🙌, all the time. We are meant to live in the natural state of EXPANSION of Love, Abundance, Joy and Success… All. The. Time.

The Big Leap mentions this mantra that I’ve embodied ever since:

“I expand in abundance, success, and love every day and I inspire others around me to do the same.”


FYI monkey’s only seem like they want their pictures taken — they weren’t easy to get on camera… but here’s a little one! 🙂

While knowing that you and I expand in love, abundance, success and joy every single moment, we do so by inspiring others to do the expand, too.

Which is the Law of Attraction and “manifesting” at the core.

Which is the Law of Giving and Receiving.

Which is our natural state of living.

 Understanding this, living this and learning to receive in all the ABUNDANCE, LOVE and SUCCESS you are meant to have is how you will change your life.

And this is how we will change the whole planet.

I’m beyond grateful for my journey into the dark to fully accept in all the light, ever since I’ve come out of it. (Like miners emerging from a mine).

Feel free to ask me any questions.

This has been a deep and beautiful journey to fully embrace and embody this…

This infinite abundance, success and love are meant for YOU, too. I hope you understand that and will allow it for yourself, too


 – Beth Weinstein


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