Astrology for Psychedelic Preparation & Integration with Susan DeRyder

Susan DeRyder: Astrology for Psychedelic Preparation & Integration, Episode 143, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

This week Beth Weinstein welcomes Susan DeRyder, an astrologer who offers natal chart readings, transit readings, and a long-term mentorship program that incorporates astrology into personal transformation work. Both Beth and Susan share their experiences using astrology to help prepare for and integrate plant medicine ceremonies and discuss astrology’s role as an important guide that can help individuals connect to their true self and facilitate deep healing.

Susan shares about her new mentorship program which uses astrology to support individuals to discover and understand their soul’s purpose. She also shares her story of transitioning from being a yoga instructor to becoming an astrologer through an early experience with plant medicine. The conversation covers the incredible business success Susan achieved through participating in Beth’s nine-week intensive program and also touches on the potential collective impact if more people were truly aligned with their soul’s purpose.

Episode Highlights

▶ 00:00 Welcome
▶ 00:19 Exploring astrology with Susan DeRyder
▶ 02:34 Susan’s journey into astrology
▶ 03:00 The impact of astrology on personal transformation
▶ 11:02 The role of astrology in understanding life’s purpose
▶ 14:07 The power of astrology in predicting global events
▶ 15:59 Astrology as a tool for psychedelic integration
▶ 18:48 Using astrology to guide life transitions
▶ 26:38 The role of astrology in business and career
▶ 29:37 Psychedelics and astrology: a new frontier
▶ 30:05 An astrological explanation for the rise of psychedelics
▶ 31:31 Astrological shifts and their impact in psychedelic use
▶ 39:12 The power of astrology in guiding personal transformation
▶ 44:19 The business side of astrology and psychedelics
▶ 54:31 The future of astrology and psychedelics

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