Stepping Into Your Medicine & Shamanic Entrepreneurship with Rebecca Llewellyn

Rebecca Llewellyn: Stepping Into Your Medicine & Shamanic Entrepreneurship, Episode 144, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Listen into a conversation with Beth Weinstein and former True Path Entrepreneur Group Mastermind Program client, Rebecca Llewellyn, a multidimensional medicine woman, shamanic practitioner, and mentor. Rebecca shares her journey of spiritual and personal transformation from her early religious explorations, her experiences with Reiki, and her intense initiation in China to finding the balance in her life and work as an entrepreneur within the healing arts. Rebecca also speaks about experiences running retreats, her upcoming programs, and how she navigates her business shamanically. The conversation highlights the importance of deep self-trust, balance, integrity and walking one’s true path to foster genuine connection with clients.

Episode Highlights

▶ 00:00 Welcome
▶ 01:01 Rebecca Llewellyn’s early path as a seeker
▶ 02:20 Her spiritual awakening
▶ 05:15 Transitioning away from corporate
▶ 11:54 Experiences in China and spiritual growth
17:32 Stepping into shamanism and personal transformation
18:37 Building a spiritual business
24:09 Reflections on personal and professional growth
32:05 Understanding the balance of masculine and feminine in business
▶ 33:58 The power of retreats and personal transformation
▶ 39:30 The importance of balance and boundaries in business
▶ 40:00 A shamanic perspective on entrepreneurship
▶ 41:59 The power of reciprocity and community in business
▶ 48:20 Upcoming projects and future plans

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