Money: Psychedelic Money, Bypassing Money, Healing Money

Beth Weinstein: Money: Psychedelic Money, Bypassing Money, Healing Money, Episode 145, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Join Beth Weinstein as she explores the anxieties, triggers, and societal narratives surrounding money, especially in the context of being an entrepreneur in the psychedelic space. She shares her own journey of healing her relationship with money, which has involved transforming many core beliefs deeply ingrained since childhood. Beth also speaks to the need for open conversations about money in entrepreneurial spaces dedicated to spirituality and healing. She addresses how we perceive money – especially the scarcity mentality – and urges individuals to seek support doing healing work in this area. Beth encourages listeners to reexamine their beliefs, shift their perspective from fear to love, and integrate a healthy money mindset into their spiritual and professional lives. She emphasizes the role of money in creating positive change and supporting causes one believes in, maintaining that it is essential to thrive individually to successfully serve others and the world.

Episode Highlights

▶  00:00 Welcome
▶  00:17 The taboo of money
▶  01:26 Beth’s personal journey with money
▶  02:07 Work and money: a personal perspective
▶  04:43 Money and society
▶  05:05 Money in the psychedelic and spiritual space
▶  06:45 Money and death: cultural fears of discussing this topic
▶  08:18 The importance of financial support in business
▶  09:39 Personal money stories and beliefs
▶  10:30 The power of perception in money matters
▶  14:27 The role of money in creating change
▶  24:34 Money in the psychedelic space: a conclusion

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