Azrya & Benjamin Bequer: Ayahuasca for BEQOMING

Azrya & Benjamin Bequer: Ayahuasca for BEQOMING Episode 53, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

What are you willing to risk for full aliveness? How can you close the gap between what you are shown is possible in your psychedelic journeys and how you show up in your daily life? Join Beth Weinstein for a deeply personal conversation with Azrya and Benjamin Bequer about how psychedelics can help you become who you are truly meant to be, what it means to discover and engage with your “soul curriculum”, and the role that medicine work can play in intimate relationships.

In this episode, Beth Weinstein speak and Benjamin and Azrya Bequer about…

  • Azrya’s perspective that ayahuasca affects us on a DNA level, allowing dormant information to be unlocked
  • Discovering your individual “blueprint” – what you are uniquely designed to be and do
  • How the lack of a sense of safety in the world can impact your connection to yourself and your ability to clearly see how you are meant to serve
  • How feeling safe can allow you to live with more purpose
  • The inner layers of disconnection you need to move through to uncover a connection to the benevolence of life
  • The importance of being willing to journey into the uncomfortable places in your being in order to heal and grow
  • The idea that the earth is activating her own immune system by manifesting sacred medicines
  • How psychedelic experiences are not designed to do the work for you, but rather to show you the work YOU need to do
  • The cultural programming that has us believing there is something external that is going to save us
  • The courses Benjamin and Azrya offer through their BEQOMING platform and how they help people recondition their “operating system”
  • The dimension that exists beyond problems 
  • How Benjamin and Azrya met and the role medicine work played in the deepening of their relationship
  • “Death portals” and an example of one Azrya and Benjamin went through from which they emerged more committed to each other
  • Why the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship may actually be more real than the distortions that surface later on
  • How all of the work Benjamin and Azrya do with BEQOMING is relational in its essence

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