Mareesa Stertz: Storytelling and Healing with Psychedelics

Mareesa Stertz: Storytelling and Healing with Psychedelics: Episode 52, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Mareesa Stertz is a filmmaker, community organizer, and KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher. She is a co-founder and media director at Lucid.News and the producer and host of the documentary series, The Healing Powers (of Psychedelics and Other Mindful Practices), currently streaming on Gaia TV. Mareesa is also the founder of The Psychedelic Leadership Summits and holds connection workshops focused on building relationships within the community. Her main focus has been to tell stories of healing, which has taken her all around the world, filming with the curanderos of Peru to the holy men of India. She has a BA in Cinema at San Francisco State University, and her documentaries have been featured by Gaia TV, Viceland, Indigenous Films, Merry Jane, and Participant. Her debut feature film on the spiritual intentional community Damanhur was recently released and is available on Gaia TV.

In this episode, Mareesa Stertz and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • The psychedelic newsletter, Lucid News, which Mareesa co-founded
  • The future relationship of psychedelic investment and indigenous reciprocity 
  • How healthy collaborations happen “at the speed of trust”
  • The importance of people engaged in psychedelic investment becoming aware of their own programming 
  • Mareesa’s inspiration for her content creation: to celebrate the healing journey and create more conversations around it
  • The power of creating from a place of trust rather than scarcity 
  • Mareesa’s journey with Ayahuasca and the feedback she received from Peruvian shamans about how unresolved trauma in her system was blocking the medicine’s full healing powers
  • The ayahuasca experience that finally opened Mareesa up to the full experience of the medicine and “gave her life”
  • Slowing down and being present with what’s going on in your system as a critical component of integration
  • How sharing stories can play a part in healing the sense of isolation many of us feel – both from others and within our own being
  • How speaking of our traumas openly was taboo in the past, but now there is a growing “permission” to share our stories and learn from each other
  • Mareesa’s personal philosophy that everything life presents is an opportunity to grow 

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