Building a Thriving Psychedelic Business from the Ground Up (Part 1)

Beth Weinstein: Building a Thriving Psychedelic Business from the Ground Up (Part 1), Episode 90, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

In this episode, Beth Weinstein shares about…

  • The pros and cons of business referrals as a form of marketing
  • Potential safety concerns with affiliate marketing in the psychedelic space
  • The ability to build trusting relationships with colleagues as a more powerful skill than affiliate marketing
  • Building a business from a foundation of clarity and genuineness, which attracts clients in
  • Strategic and ethical ways to build fruitful business collaborations and leverage each other’s audiences
  • The need to recognize the delicate nature of psychedelic work and factor this into our entrepreneurial approach
  • Being a clear channel: learning how to communicate effectively from a place of true authenticity

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