Charles Eisenstein: Psychedelics for a New Paradigm (Part 1)

Charles Eisenstein: Psychedelics for a New Paradigm (Part 1): Episode 43, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Charles Eisenstein is an essayist, speaker, and author of several books, including The More Beautiful World our Hearts Know is Possible.

In this episode, Charles Eisenstein and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • The crisis of a world in separation
  • Charles’ first psychedelic experience, which revealed the “wrongness” of the world
  • How psychedelics also showed him that there is an alternative
  • Psychedelics as an answer to the prayers of centuries of cultural sensitives that recognized we were trapped but didn’t know how to get out
  • The problem of seeing through the eyes of our conditioning 
  • The significance of synchronicities 
  • The sacrifice of personal control
  • Asking ourselves, “What am I really here for? What is my role in the new story?” 
  • How psychedelics offer a preview of a new story that is possible, and integrating this vision as a guiding light for our lives
  • The fallacy that only the privileged have the luxury of exploring the existential questions of life
  • How can we help create this new world we all want to see? The best thing is take responsibility for ourselves. The change we’re trying to create together requires each person to do their part.
  • What if we all just looked inward and went into our hearts and asked, “What is it that I’m doing? What small change can I make today?” then maybe we would collectively create the change we want to see on Planet Earth.

This was a two-hour interview, so this interview is released in two parts. Stay tuned next week for Part 2 of Charles Eisenstein on Psychedelics for a New Paradigm.

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