Charlotte James and Undrea Wright: Becoming A Psychedelic Facilitator

Charlotte James and Undrea Wright on Being A Psychedelic Facilitator: Episode 10, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

The Ancestor Project is a Black-led platform for psychedelic education, legal ceremony, and integration. The project works to return reverence to Sacred Earth Medicine and looks to ancestral practice as a form of harm reduction for modern journeyers. The Ancestor Project believes that our collective liberation depends on each of our radical self-transformations.

In this episode, Charlotte James, Undrea Wright and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • Changing the name of their organization from The Sabina Project to the Ancestor Project after realizing they were engaging in cultural misappropriation
  • The risks of re-traumatization on the medicine path
  • How to vet psychedelic facilitators
  • Our ancestors are not only human – they are also, plants, animals, minerals, etc.
  • Every human being has “trauma”
  • We are all responsible for our part in the collective healing of humanity – the medicine work is far bigger than the resolution of our personal issues
  • There are no shortcuts to truly responsible psychedelic facilitation
  • Our approach to integration as modern journeyers must take into account that we do not come from integrated communities
  • When you’re in flow with your spirit allies and guides, your job is not to strive, but rather to focus on “cleaning your mirror”
  • Psychedelic integration and entrepreneurship – the critical importance of sacred reciprocity
  • Using your radical self-transformation for collective liberation
  • Psychedelic integration and the mind-body-spirit-community-environment connection
  • By assisting in our self-reflection and self-awareness, and helping to guide our actions, psychedelics can help attract healing and fulfillment into our lives

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