Death Medicine

Beth Weinstein: Death Medicine | Episode 148 | Medicine For These Times: The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Join Beth Weinstein for a solo episode of ‘Medicine for These Times’, as she celebrates the recent completion of her 2023 Mastermind program and the significant breakthroughs participants had in both their business and personal lives. She speaks about the transformative power of the Mastermind to help overcome fears and achieve multi-dimensional growth, especially in how it supports people to engage with life in the present moment and not get caught in deferring dreams and ambitions to the future. 

In this context, Beth elaborates on the inevitability of death, and shares about how she has used personal experiences of grief and loss as a catalyst for reflection on the preciousness of life and the power of being passionately committed to pursuing your soul’s true purpose. Beth also shares about the amazing new cohort of her 2024 Mastermind, which is still open for enrollment for a limited time!

Episode Highlights

▶ 00:00 Welcome
▶ 00:25 Beth’s Mastermind program: the emotional closing of her 2023 cohort and the 2024 cohort arrival
▶ 01:16 Stories of personal and professional growth and transformation from her Mastermind program
▶ 03:31 The impact of grief and loss on personal development
▶ 06:49 The power of getting unstuck from procrastination and moving into action
▶ 10:07 The importance of being fully present and engaged in your life
▶ 11:40 Learning from death: grief as a teacher
▶ 17:13 Creating your reality and the need to dedicate time, attention and space to manifesting your dreams
▶ 19:03 Why you should stop putting your dreams aside “until next year”
▶ 19:26 Embracing the true beauty of life

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