Derek Loudermilk: Magic, Adventure & Non-Ordinary States For Your Business

Derek Loudermilk on Magic, Adventure & Non-Ordinary States For Your Business: Episode 18, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Derek Loudermilk is a professional adventurer, and bestselling author of Superconductors and Activate Your Life, and host of the Derek Loudermilk Show. Derek is a quantum business coach, and creator of the LEAP method.
He is the founder of AdventureQuest Travel, a digital nomad, and international speaker.

In this episode, Derek Loudermilk and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • The power of long-term visioning
  • Bringing magical practices into business – exploring a more quantum approach
  • Creating the future timeline of your life and business
  • The Unified Field Manifestation Technique that Derek teaches his clients
  • How much business success is based on the tangible vs. magic, manifestation and mindset
  • Showing up as who you truly are
  • Shifting away from the idea of abundance as purely financial
  • How relationships support abundance – building a diverse, responsive network
  • How do we recreate ourselves moving forward as individuals and a collective?

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Instagram: @derekloudermilk

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Twitter: @DerekLoudermilk

Podcast: The Derek Loudermilk Show


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