Sex, Psychedelics & the Psychedelic Wild West With Dr. Cat Meyer

Dr. Cat Meyer: Sex, Psychedelics & the Psychedelic Wild West, Episode 155, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Join Beth Weinstein for a juicy episode of ‘Medicine for These Times’ with Dr. Cat Meyer, a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex, trauma, and psychedelics. Dr. Cat shares her journey from overcoming sexual trauma to embracing a career dedicated to integrating sexual and psychedelic healing.

Dr. Kat discusses her clinical work with psychedelics, including ketamine, and how these substances can help redefine sexual experiences and aid in trauma healing. She also delves into ethical considerations and necessity for proper training and integrity in both the psychedelic and sexual therapy spaces. 

Other topics Beth and Dr. Cat explore include the rise of new sexual liberation movements, the necessity of shadow work for therapists, and the critical role ongoing integration plays following psychedelic experiences, and the challenges of navigating the ‘wild west’ of the current psychedelic environment.

Episode Highlights

▶ Dr. Cat Meyer’s journey into sex, trauma and psychedelics
▶ Exploring the intersection of sexuality and psychedelics
▶ Can psychedelics help heal sexual trauma?
▶ A rising interest in ‘alternative’ sexual practices
▶ Ketamine in sex therapy
▶ Addressing ethical boundaries in psychedelic therapy
▶ The dangers of therapists crossing boundaries
▶ The role of shadow work for therapists
▶ The importance of community accountability
▶ Challenges around confronting misconduct
▶ Benefits of group therapy models
▶ The importance of vetting practitioners
▶ The rise of tantra and sacred sexuality coaches
▶ The need for continued integration and community support

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