Seeding Consciousness: Plant Medicine, Ancestral Wisdom & Psychedelic Initiation with Tricia Eastman

Tricia Eastman: Seeding Consciousness: Plant Medicine, Ancestral Wisdom & Psychedelic Initiation, Episode 154, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

This week Beth Wenstien welcomes back Tricia Eastman, a medicine woman, artist, speaker and writer. Tricia shares about her upcoming book, Seeding Consciousness, inspired by spiritual revelations from many years working with psychedelic medicines. Her book will orient you towards deeper self-understanding and helpful practices for integration after psychedelic experiences, and also offers wisdom about how to connect with your soul and ancestors. The conversation explores the challenges Tricia faced in writing the book, the importance of understanding archetypes, the concept of initiation, the power of  ‘spiritual’ names, and how essential it is to constantly purify yourself to remain connected with your soul.

Episode Highlights

▶ 00:00 Welcome
▶ 02:04 The essence of Tricia’s new book, Seeding Consciousness
▶ 02:20 The challenges and rewards of writing
▶ 05:21 What does ‘Seeding Consciousness’ mean?
▶ 06:40 The role of psychedelics in personal development
▶ 13:17 The importance of ‘soul names’ in spiritual evolution
▶ 14:31 Understanding the role of initiation in personal and collective growth
▶ 25:02 Navigating life in a toxic world
▶ 31:47 Struggling to make meaning
▶ 33:23 The purpose of life: we are here to be creators
▶ 35:38 The power of psychedelics in embracing intense feelings
▶ 39:07 Developing a ritual connection to your ancestors
▶ 44:02 Facing the inner critic
▶ 50:23 Tricia’s upcoming plans for opening a healing center and starting a family

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