Dr. Hannah McLane: Psychedelic Facilitator Training with Dr. Hannah McLane

Dr. Hannah McLane: Psychedelic Facilitator Training with Dr. Hannah McLane, Episode 67, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Dr. Hannah McLane is a physician, psychoanalyst, and entrepreneur. She is the Founder of SoundMind Institute, a Philadelphia and Oregon-based psychedelic facilitator training and research initiative aimed at bringing ethics, equity and innovation to the psychedelic ecosystem. She conducts research on cognitive diversity, psychedelic science, ethics, PTSD, and emerging alternative therapies for mental health issues. She is the clinical director of the SoundMind Center, the first psychedelic therapy center in the Philadelphia region, and training director for retreat offerings in Philadelphia, Oregon and Costa Rica. She attended McGill University and holds graduate degrees from Temple University (MA, Communication Sciences, Spanish Concentration), Brown University (MD, Doctor of Medicine, Contemplative Studies Concentration), and Harvard School of Public Health (MPH, Global health and Bioethics).

In this episode, Dr. Hannah McLane and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • Dr. McLane’s professional journey into her current work with psychedelic therapy
  • Dr. McLane’s personal evolution with psychedelics, which is closely tied to her history with Tibetan Buddhist practice
  • The concept of “riding the razor’s edge” in Tibetan Buddhism, a tantric approach of transmuting strong emotions to catapult you into enlightenment, and how it relates to working with psychedelics
  • Dr. McLane’s project, The SoundMind Institute, and the approach her psychedelic facilitator training takes
  • SoundMind’s emphasis on ethics, inclusion and access
  • Offering psychedelic ‘experientials’ as a core aspect of facilitator training
  • Creating models to make the psychedelic therapy more accessible
  • Informed consent – recognizing the important healing power of touch well as the harm of boundary violations
  • Respecting autonomy in altered states: ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ boundaries
  • Trans and BIPOC affirming psychedelic care
  • The relational aspect of therapeutic psychedelic work
  • Concerns around the future of psychedelics and psychedelics therapy
  • The potential that lies at the intersection of ceremonial and medical models

Dr. Hannah McLane’s Links & Resources

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