Beth Weinstein on Entrepreneurship: A Psychedelic Journey

Beth Weinstein on Entrepreneurship: A Psychedelic Journey: Episode 17, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

How is entrepreneurship similar to a psychedelic journey? Listen in to this week’s solo episode as Beth shares about how we can build strength and resiliency as an entrepreneur by facing and embracing our shadow material, just as we do in our psychedelic healing work.

In this episode, Beth speaks about …

  • Finding what’s at the root of imposter syndrome
  • Being tested on the entrepreneurial path
  • The way through fears and limiting beliefs
  • How working with psychedelics involves bringing shadow material to the surface so it can be healed – just like your business journey
  • Building strength and resiliency as an entrepreneur by going into the shadow material
  • Starting a business as an initiatory process
  • Tuning into the energy of your higher self that is pulling you up to the next level of expansion in your life


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