Feelings, Money & the Medicine Space with David Sauvage

David Sauvage: Feelings, Money & the Medicine Space, Episode 123, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

How can we find a balance between authentic connection and financial security?

Listen in as Beth Weinstein and teacher, empath, artist, and guide, David Sauvage, take us on a journey exploring the intricate relationship between money and sacred work. David shares his perspectives on monetizing deeply spiritual and meaningful services, acknowledging the potential clash between the frequency of money and that of love, compassion, and authentic connection. 

David challenges the notion of a world driven by money and urges us to confront the wounds and illusions perpetuated by online marketing, inviting us to envision a system that prioritizes genuine connection and transformative change.

Episode Highlights

  • David’s personal journey of finding solace and understanding through plant medicine while struggling with unfulfillment and depression
  • His unique performance art, in which he feels deeply into others’ emotions and embodies them on stage
  • Holding parents accountable and balancing blame and forgiveness
  • The complex relationship between money and sacred work
  • How money can hinder genuine connection
  • David’s vision for positive societal transformation
  • How money can impede genuine connection, leading to disconnection and mistrust
  • David’s personal approach with pricing services in which he refuses to accept direct payment from clients, but does accept financial support from those with means who appreciate his work

David Sauvage’s Links & Resources

▶ Website: https://www.davidsauvage.com/

▶ Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/empathnyc

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