Greg Lake, Esq. on Navigating the Law & Entheogenic Churches

Greg Lake, Esq.: Navigating the Law & Entheogenic Churches: Episode 20, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Greg Lake, Esq, is a counsel for Benouis & Associates, co-founder/CEO of EntheoConnect, an entheogenic
church, and creator and author of three books including Psychedelics in Mental Health Series: Psilocybin, which
examines the modern scientific literature evidencing the mental health benefits of various psychedelic
substances; The Law of Entheogenic Churches in the United States, a foundational understanding of the law
surrounding the legality of ayahuasca and other entheogenic-based churches in the United States; and his
forthcoming book, The Primary Religious Experience: Protections Afforded Non-Lineage and Multi-Sacrament
Entheogenic Churches under the First Amendment.

In this episode, Greg Lake, Esq and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • Greg’s journey of psychedelic-assisted addiction recovery and trauma healing
  • The mystical experience on psilocybin that inspired Greg to change focus in his legal career
  • The layers existing legal protection for psychedelic use as relates to ‘religious freedom’
  • The legalities of establishing an entheogenic church
  • Problems that may arise when ‘sacraments’ are distributed outside of ceremony
  • Current risks and protections related to facilitating psychedelic use
  • Legal issues around psychedelic facilitation in places where decriminalization has already occurred
  • The future of psychedelic legalization

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Greg’s books:
The Law of Entheogenic Churches in the United States
Psychedelics in Mental Health Series: Psilocybin


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