Burnout: How to Avoid It & Why People Get Burned Out

Beth Weinstein, Burnout: How to Avoid It & Why People Get Burned Out , Episode 132, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Are you tired of feeling burned out and overwhelmed by the demands of being a 21st century solopreneur? In this solo episode, Beth Weinstein explores the topic of burnout, sharing her own experiences as an entrepreneur and offering valuable insights on how to contend with this all-too-common phenomenon.

Beth acknowledges burnout as a systemic issue that extends far beyond personal experiences of overwhelm and dissatisfaction. She raises questions about the brokenness of the capitalist system and its contribution to burnout prevalence, while sharing some of her personal strategies to deal with burnout, most notably prioritizing self-care and disconnecting from work as needed.

Tune in to gain invaluable wisdom on maintaining balance and well-being as an entrepreneur.

Episode Highlights

  • Beth explores the root causes of burnout and why it affects so many people
  • Her personal journey as an entrepreneur and how she successfully avoids burnout in her own life
  • How countries with better work-life balance and supportive benefits still experience high levels of burnout
  • The importance of self-care and strategically disconnecting from work to prevent burnout
  • Practicing self-care by working only four days a week and engaging in activities that help recharge, such as spending time in nature, eating well and exercising
  • Staying attuned to your energy levels and personal needs and paying attention to what ignites and drains you
  • Bringing awareness to work that feels like a chore and finding balance between stepping out of your comfort zone and honoring your personal needs
  • The value of prioritizing your well-being while serving others

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