Remembering Who We Truly Are Through Earth-Based Ritual & Initiatory Consciousness with Maitreya Wolf

Maitreya Wolf: Remembering Who We Truly Are Through Earth-Based Ritual & Initiatory Consciousness, Episode 133, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Maitreya Wolf is a wise woman, soul mentor, and multi-disciplinary artist whose life and path are allied to the spiritual power of beauty, the wild earth that is our home, and the life of Soul.

Through her life-changing evolutionary mentoring practice, Soul Power Mentoring, she guides people to transform the pain of the past into the power of the now by rooting into old ways of being so that they can live a life of radiance, fulfillment, purpose, and joy in a way that is deeply connected to the earth and the mystery and contributes to the awakening, healing, and liberation of humanity and the world in this most extraordinary time.

Episode Highlights

  • The transformative power of Maitreya’s year-long ritual arts and deep council mentorship program, the School of Remembering
  • Cultivating a deeper relationship with the Earth and the cycles of nature
  • How Maitreya helps individuals integrate, become whole, and align with their purpose
  •  The daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly ritual practices that Maitreya offers to guide clients on a path of self-discovery
  • Tapping into your own inner strength and wisdom
  • The School of Remembering as a sanctuary for individuals to find sanity and coherence and learn how to be better stewards of the Earth
  • Rediscovering purpose and meaning in life by living fully and giving gifts in a life-giving way
  • How Maitreya guides people to transform past pain into present power
  • Refining trauma and soul work methods to meet individual needs, focusing on nervous system regulation, meditation, and reconnecting with the Earth

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