Ian-Michael Hébert: Creating & Running a Plant Medicine Retreat Center

Ian-Michael Hébert: Creating & Running a Plant Medicine Retreat Center, Episode 75, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Ian-Michael Hébert is the CEO/ Founder of Holos Global, currently building the first Holos retreat center and community in Costa Rica’s Diamante Valley. Ian-Michael has led a life devoted to creating inspiring spaces for the transformation of individuals, organizations, and society. Through the various projects and initiatives he has been involved in, he has consistently demonstrated the capacity to take a diversity of initiatives from vision through manifestation.

In this episode, Ian-Michael Hébert and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • The educational and healing mission and vision of Holos
  • How retreat centers can provide a perfect opportunity to learn better ways to live
  • Holos as an example and a living laboratory for how things can be done differently
  • Raising capital for projects like Holos
  • Issues of accessibility for retreat centers charging high rates
  • Holos’ efforts to create as much positive impact as possible on the local community
  • Holos’ approach to reciprocity
  • The small ways you can nourish your soul through nature connection, even if you live in a city
  • How the pandemic illuminated how isolating and unhealthy urban environments are as well as our collective need for stillness
  • The challenge of integrating transformational retreats and how the transition back to ‘the world’ can be eased with community support
  • How the role of community will become more and more important as the psychedelic revolution unfolds
  • Developmental issues around being safe and seen
  • The basic human need we all have for connection
  • The four “tracks” offered at Holos represented by the HEAL acronym: healing, education, artistry and leadership

Ian-Michael Hébert’s Links & Resources

Website ▶: https://holos.global/

Website ▶: https://www.ianmichaelhebert.com/

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