Beth Weinstein: Intentional Psychedelic Work for Business and Beyond

Intentional Psychedelic Work for Business, Life & Beyond: Beth Weinstein, Episode 54, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

What if you could intentionally work with psychedelics to receive information about how to move forward on your entrepreneurial path and come into closer alignment with your true purpose? Join Beth Weinstein for a solo episode about opening to guidance from psychedelics to help you discover how to share your unique medicine through growing a business that you love.

In this episode, Beth shares about…

  • What it means to come into closer contact with your soul’s calling by opening to receive guidance about your business, purpose and career in your psychedelic journeys
  • Bringing material like astrology, human design or akashic record readings into your psychedelic journeys for deeper contemplation
  • Being open to any information that comes through without needing to know exactly how to implement it right away – allowing space for co-creation with the divine
  • Only bringing ideas to fruition in business that feel aligned with your soul’s purpose
  • Entering a psychedelic journey with a mantra such as ”Show me how I can serve” or “Guide me towards my path” – or even something specific such as “Help me get clarity around my new offer”
  • Getting curious when ideas come through your psychedelic experiences and asking yourself, “What would it be like to pursue this idea?”
  • Bringing ideas from your experiences into your daily prayer practice and asking for help understanding what they mean and how they can unfold in your reality
  • Discerning whether the messages you receive are coming from your ego or your soul
  • Connecting with the spirit of the medicines you work with and how this brings much more profundity to your connection with the information that comes through

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