Lynn Marie Morski: From Traditional Medicine to Psychedelic Medicine

Lynn Marie Morski on Traditional Medicine to Psychedelic Medicine: Episode 06, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is the president of the Psychedelic Medicine Association, host of the Plant Medicine Podcast, the founder of, and the medical director for She is a Mayo Clinic trained physician in family medicine and sports medicine, as well as an attorney and former adjunct law professor.

In this episode, Lynn Marie Morski and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • Lynn Marie’s mission is to educate clinicians about the healing potential of psychedelics
  • Her Plant Medicine Podcast was created with the intention of serving as an ‘encyclopedia’ of psychedelics and their therapeutic effects
  • The Psychedelic Medicine Association was founded as a resource for clinicians, and shares the latest psychedelic research and offers panels on topics that are immediately applicable to clinical practice
  • The story of Lynn Marie’s personal journey with psychedelics and how it inspired her change of path from being a doctor at the VA where she felt profoundly misaligned
  • Lynn’s advice if you’re trying to change careers is to have a mission statement, and also a list of things that you are clear you do and don’t enjoy professionally
  • You need to be honest with yourself about the aspects of your professional life so far that have brought you energy as well as those that have drained you
  • We need to understand that the average doctor has little to no knowledge of psychedelics, and we should not blame them for this because they did not have this education in medical school and may simply lack exposure to new trends in psychedelic medicine
  • The future potential for careers in psychedelics is bright! There are so many ways to potentially work in the psychedelic space – we need a psychedelic skills career center!
  • Lynn Marie feels that there needs to be a somatic component to psychedelic integration Ideally integration professionals are trauma-informed – especially to help integrate cerebral insights with the nervous system
  • We need integration professionals who know how to work with both psychedelic ’emergence’ and psychedelic ’emergency’

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