Growing Your Coaching Business the Hard Way? Invest in Happiness First and Money Will Follow

Invest in Happiness First

Quick story…

The other day I was on one of my  Business Breakthrough Calls with a potential client considering joining my True Path Entrepreneur Group Business Coaching Mastermind Program … 

…and I said, “How many years have you been saying you’ve been wanting to go into this new area of business?”

She said, “About five or six years.”

I replied, “Do you really want to wait another six years to make your dreams happen?” 

Six years is such a long time to stay stuck and not take action. It makes me so sad to think she wasted that much time not getting out of her corporate job and successfully running her own business. 

Because in reality, you end up wasting more time (and money!) trying to grow your business all alone on your own.

I know that because I’ve wasted TONS of money by not getting help when I needed it.

When I started my last two businesses, I did it all by myself.  I was lucky that I had an amazing mentor, but even then I was doing a lot of things wrong and I ended up spending probably twice the amount of money that I needed to spend.

If I hired someone who knew how to grow an ecommerce apparel business, things would’ve been a lot easier.

Over time I started to figure out how to be a real entrepreneur…

I learned how to think like one.  I learned to think like an “investor.”  I learned to invest my money into what will help me and my business flourish.

So, I quit getting manicures. I quit eating out all the time. I quit taking Uber. I quit buying clothes and stuff I didn’t really need.

I got out of the “consumption rat race” that New York City (well, America) is famous for.  I sacrificed all the unnecessary crap, and it felt amazing. 

Did I miss the manicures, the mediocre sushi, or Uber? Hellz no!

I was “channeling” my money into growing my business and growing as a human.

I had the most exponential spiritual growth in my life.

And I never felt so “invested” in my own self-worth in my life. 

Through my creative financial changes, I was able to launch and grow a dream business, make money doing something I loved, be my own boss, get published in tons of magazines and newspapers, and create the most fulfillment and inner happiness I had ever experienced in my life.

I also learned THIS valuable lesson: 

If you “invest” in your happiness… and you serve clients with a full heart…and you’ll make more money anyways.  

Focus on your happiness first, then money second. If you’re truly happy, the money will follow.

If you want to create a life filled with happiness AND build a successful business that gives you more free time AND brings you great money (even if that’s not your main focus)… then invest in getting spiritually-based business coaching support.  

You will save tons money and time and years of struggle — invest in your happiness sooner than later, and see the results in your business sooner than later!