Maryn Azoff: Shamanic Vocal Transformation for Soul Liberation

Maryn Azoff on Shamanic Vocal Transformation for Soul Liberation: Episode 22, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Maryn Azoff (Tribe of Love, Cura Cura) is a long-time singer, musician, Spirit lifter, Soul emancipator and fear crusher. She has been on a mission of connecting people all over the world to the power of the human voice for many years and does so through a unique program and healing modality she created called ‘The Vocal Transformation Method’. The goal of her work is to reawaken the innate intelligence of the body-mind-spirit connection through the faculty of the human voice. Her approach to healing is vibrational. A true student of earth and spirit, Maryn has dedicated many years of her life to studying ancient wisdom by participating in a wide variety of healing circles from many different cultures, ranging from Vedic and Tibetan wisdom traditions to South American shamanism. In addition to working directly with private students, she also facilitates ‘Vocal Transformation’ workshops globally, as a mission to help in the awakening of humanity. The driving force behind her work is the aspiration that we can remember who we are and the power that we all have to bring about a true shift in consciousness where we all live as one on Earth.

In this episode, Maryn Azoff and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • How Maryn received her mission of facilitating vocal transformation through her own shamanic work
  • Being authentically who we are through our vocal expression
  • Reclaiming the lost vibrational frequency of the voice through the chakra system
  • Rebirthing yourself through the power of your voice
  • How sound heals matter
  • Healing self and others with the voice
  • How the voice moves through the chakra system and rebalances the nervous system
  • Vocal transformation work and clearing deep trauma
  • Integrating vocal transformation work with plant medicine
  • The need to work on our solar plexus where we hold our insecurities
  • “Primordial confidence”

Links & Resources

Maryn Azoff’s Vocal Transformation online course here

Maryn Azoff’s Website & Vocal Transformation retreats (with and without psychedelic medicines):

Maryn Azoff & Patrick Surdam’s Instagram: &

Maryn Azoff YouTube:

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