2021 marks the third year I’m hosting the Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose, & Business: Integrating Visionary Experiences into Conscious Entrepreneurship no-cost event 

Register now here at no-cost – it starts September 29th!

In this free event, I bring together over 40 thought leaders, entrepreneurs, authors, transformational experts and healers working in fields of psychedelics, sacred earth and plant medicines, personal development, microdosing, shamanism, spirituality, health and wellness, psychotherapy, herbalism, breathwork, tantra, astrology, human design, music and visionary art together for one purpose: to share their insights about how people just like YOU can step up, tap into your purpose, and become healers, coaches, teachers, leaders, and guides for the millions of people looking for help and healing. 

Speakers include: Allyson Grey, Françoise Bourzat, Lorna Liana of Entheonation, Marie Mbouni, Kyle Buller of Psychedelics Today, Daniel Shankin of Tam Integration, Paul Austin of Third Wave, Gerry Powell, founder of Rhythmia, Dr. Molly Maloof, Tricia Eastman, Shiri Godasi, Itzhak Beery, Elizabeth Bast, Christina Pratt, Erin Claire Jones, Susun Weed, Kat Courtney, Shereen Sun, Carolyn Elliott, and many more.

I made this psychedelic summit FREE and ACCESSIBLE to anyone because I believe this topic and the speakers messages are super important during these fast-evolving times we live in.  I also created this series as I found many in-person psychedelic conferences are really expensive and not designed for “the everyday psychedelic practitioner” to attend.

My own entrepreneurial, evolutionary, and spiritual path has been profoundly informed by my work with entheogens and sacred medicines for +20 years.  But I found there was little discussion of the interconnection between psychedelics, purpose and creating new paradigms of entrepreneurship and business on earth. 

I believe entheogenic medicine are here to help us navigate the challenges we face as a collective… and that they’re here to help us get clarity we need to embody our purpose, define our true path, and experience lasting happiness as we create transformation in our lives and the world.

There is a deep connection between psychedelic experiences and other non-ordinary states and people who make an impact in the world… only if you’re able to integrate your experiences. 

What if there was an easy way to integrate and ground your visionary experiences to create a life of fulfillment, personal freedom, and purpose? 

A heart-aligned method that helped you feel more alive, and helped you let go of your blocks so you could have purpose and make a difference in the world… while you create fulfillment, abundance and more free time? 

Luckily for you, this is exactly what we cover in this free psychedelic series!

During this event, you will:

  • Hear uncensored and unedited stories and insights from over 40 experts’ psychedelic experiences… including how they’ve integrated them into their businesses.
  • Discover how psychedelics and sacred medicines can help you move past fears you have about fully living your purpose and following your True Path (and learn how successful spirit-based entrepreneurs created and grew their businesses!)
  • Dive deep into the psychology and science behind psychedelics and non-ordinary states of consciousness (and learn why they’re so potent for awakening your purpose).
  • Learn how to ground your visions and insights so you can do work with more purpose in service to others while having more fulfillment, freedom and abundance.
  • Learn how to transition away from an unfulfilling career (even if you’re terrified of letting go…but you know it’s time).  You’ll learn how to get unstuck, stop struggling to “get by,” and blossom into your true calling.
  • Learn how to integrate your psychedelic experiences so you can live your soul’s purpose and help create new paradigms of conscious business and transformation on Earth.
  • And connect with a like-minded community with a shared vision for a long-term transformation and healing on the New Earth!

I believe psychedelics and sacred plant medicines are here to help us navigate the challenges we face as a species. 

They’re here to help us experience fulfillment and happiness as we co-create the new world we all want to see. 

But they’re only truly powerful if you know how to integrate and implement what they show you in order to create lasting change in your life. 

And this is exactly what you’ll discover from the 40 speakers in the Psychedelics, Sacred Medicines, Purpose & Business free online series starting September 30th.    

See you there!