Psychedelic-Assisted Soul Liberation Leadership Coaching

A few months ago, I had another beautiful opportunity to work with a 7-8 figure entrepreneur and his executive leadership team. Like many successful people and businesses, they came to me looking for an “activation”, an energetic “reset” and a little boost out of their comfort zone.  You see, the leader and his team were starting to feel not only comfortable, but bored… unfulfilled… and, frankly, even a bit depressed.  

How could a successful entrepreneur multi-millionaire feel unfulfilled? How could the whole leadership team be affected?  Well, it’s all too common with entrepreneurs and C-suite executives. 

This is where getting support to try something different – maybe with psychedelics – will shift the energy, inspire new ideas, bring more innovation, creativity and fulfillment and liberate your soul.

If you have achieved success in life but find yourself feeling like there’s something missing or more for you to explore, but you’re not sure what it is or how to unearth it, and you’re curious if psychedelics could help you discover it… keep reading – this is for you.

Feeling unfulfilled or sensing a lack of something essential, even after reaching traditional success milestones, is more common than you might realize. Uncovering your unique path, especially after years of following a secure and traditional route, can prove more challenging than expected.

If you’ve achieved success but feel something’s missing and you’re not sure what, psychedelics could help illuminate your path, inspire you as a leader, and activate you to create more impact in your role as a leader or business owner.  It can also shake things up, for better or worse!

Below I share my insights from many years experience and the five annual summits all about the intersection of psychedelics, purpose and business to guide you on your transformative journey, drawing from my many years experience working with psychedelics and people who were ready to infuse the next chapter of their lives with more meaning, purpose and impact.

Successful People and Inner Discontent

As a business coach, I have people from all walks of life contact me to explore the idea of working together. It might surprise you to know that in these inquiries, I speak with many accomplished leaders in their respective fields – people who earn a good salary, people who have “made it ” – find themselves feeling a strong sense of lacking. It’s often difficult for them to put this feeling into words, but phrases like “I feel stuck”, “I think something is missing”, or “something feels off” come up a lot.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with private clients, including therapists, nurses, doctors, and successful entrepreneurs who have shared these feelings with me. They’re people who’ve been living their dreams for a long time, but then they reach a point, often in their 40s and 50s, where these unsatisfied feelings grow stronger and harder to ignore.

When these feelings surface, they might look to psychedelics as a medicine to help give them some insights or a “cure” to their problems. But what starts to happen is the psychedelic experiences can shake things up in unexpected ways. 

Connecting with a Deeper Calling

Psychedelic experiences can begin to show you the truth about what’s going on in your business, lives and your journeys. Psychedelics can help reveal what’s keeping someone feeling stuck and unfulfilled, and through these experiences, they might start to realize they need help to process all of the information coming in and how to transform the messages into actionable steps.

I primarily offer business coaching where I help people start and grow their businesses and do work that they love. Over the last few years, many of my private business and leadership coaching clients have been navigating what I refer to as a “soul evolution.” I do believe that we have souls that are incarnated here on earth for a reason. If you don’t believe in a soul, hear me out.

I believe that there’s something more to life than just working to own a beautiful home, a fancy car, starting a family, growing older, retiring, and eventually passing away. Whether or not you resonate with the term “soul,” the essence here is recognizing a deeper purpose or calling that extends beyond the conventional life trajectory.


Tapping into Deeper Fulfillment in Your Journey

Having a bigger purpose doesn’t mean you’re here to save the planet or become the next Albert Einstein; it can be more subtle yet equally profound. Consider this: if you’ve been coasting through a secure job or a successful career, and everything seems fine on the surface, yet you sense an underlying unease.

It’s a gnawing sensation that’s challenging to put into words, but it may feel like a weight on the heart that goes beyond mere sadness or depression. It’s a lingering sense that something is amiss, and a quiet knowing that there’s more potential waiting to be unearthed.

Humans, by nature, seem to understand that if they’re not living up to their fullest potential — what I see as the soul’s complete journey in this incarnation — a dissonance creeps in. This sense of misalignment is not bound by a specific purpose; it’s a universal truth.

Over the years, I’ve observed, both in myself and my clients, that before seeking guidance, individuals often experience health issues, injuries, or significant life events designed to awaken their souls to the deeper fulfillment they’re seeking.


Psychedelic-Assisted Leadership Coaching

Something I offer but don’t advertise much is what I call Psychedelic-Assisted Soul Leadership Coaching. You could also call it “psychedelic-assisted and psychedelic-informed soul evolution executive coaching, but I’ll refer to it as Psychedelic Soul Leadership Coaching to keep things simple. 

I’ve been working with a lot of leaders – CEOs, entrepreneurs, therapists, executives who have successful careers – and during our work together, we get into a deep exploration of what they’re here to take on next and how their soul wants to expand and their impact and income to up-level.

This deep exploration isn’t meant to push my clients to go and quit their jobs or change their entire business. It’s meant to help them tune in to what is emerging from inside them…to pay attention and get curious about it throughout our journey together.

I’ve developed a highly specific process with and without psychedelics that empowers these leaders to not only feel and recognize their emerging potentials but also to actively bring them into reality. As this process unfolds, a continuous emergence takes place, and I guide my clients in understanding and working with these manifestations while witnessing the birth of their transformations.


Shifting from Safe Choices to Soul-Aligned Living

My journey involves conducting a Psychedelic-Assisted Soul Liberation Leadership Coaching Program in collaboration with a dear friend whom I consider my secret weapon. Our partnership spans about nine years, during which I’ve personally undergone significant transformation.

When he came into my life, I noticed how fast I seemed to be evolving. I’ve come to understand the profound impact of aligning with a supportive ally from this experience.

Since my childhood, I’ve sensed a calling to live up to a certain potential, not necessarily in terms of fame or wealth, but a deep knowing that a conventional life wouldn’t satisfy me. This inner drive has always guided me, compelling me to listen and respond, understanding that neglecting it could lead to a strong sense of unfulfillment.

I’ve personally experienced a phase in my life where I wasn’t authentically living my true path. Instead, I chose the “safe” path of a stable job and secure salary. But I soon felt that something profound within me wanted to emerge and express itself from my soul.

This realization reached a critical point where I had to make a choice between pursuing a life that felt more aligned to my soul’s purpose or succumbing to a sense of inner death.

It was a strong feeling that if I didn’t address this inner calling, my spirit would wither away. This occurred multiple times, leading me to understand the importance of listening to my soul and taking actionable steps toward birthing what seeks to emerge.

For me, this internal conflict manifested as a near-death experience—a mysterious illness that defied conventional cures, leaving me incapacitated to the extent that I found myself literally on the floor, unable to hear properly, speak, function, or even think clearly.

What that experience brought to me was clarity – that I really wanted to live. I remember that moment vividly. That was when I knew everything needed to change even if I didn’t know where to start. This was my hard initiation experience.

The Call to Psychedelic Exploration

You might be in a similar situation of change and transformation… whether you’ve gotten sick or injured, feel something changing in your business, lost someone special to you, you’ve been laid off, or maybe you’re going through a terrible breakup.

Any of these changes and experiences can force you into the “dark night of the soul” initiation where you are made more aware of the pain involved in not living up to your full potential, not listening to your truth, and not being happy with where you are now.

This is a point in many people’s journeys where they decide to experiment with psychedelics and plant medicines, and where they try to do intentional psychedelic work for business and beyond.  While they can be an excellent tool to help you in your self-discovery, they will not fix you by themselves.

They can help you tune into ideas of different paths and passions to pursue, and they might help with uncovering certain blocks you have, but in order to yield the best results from using the medicines, you’d need to work with a professional who can guide you through the changes and challenges that are being presented to you.

A dedicated guide can help you navigate through your journey not only to stay accountable to yourself and the goals you’ve set, but to know that you don’t have to do this alone.

This is the work that I’ve accidentally found myself doing over the last few years. On some level, when I look back on my entire coaching career, a lot of my private clients weren’t actually doing business coaching with me, they were tapping into this deeper soul work.


Following Nature’s Blueprint for Transformation

For the past six years, even through difficult phases, I’ve sensed an ongoing process of co-creation and continually leveling up my soul. I’ll compare this type of spiritual growth to the growth seen in nature.

Think about a sequoia, redwood, or pine, enduring forces of nature and thriving for centuries. A tree doesn’t stop expanding when it reaches a certain height, and despite their strength, they remain susceptible to unpredictable events like storms, lightning, or forest fires.

Humans, too, follow this pattern, navigating our unknown lifespan with the inherent mystery of life. Our essence is designed for expansion and evolution. Yet, there comes a point where people may decide to stop their growth, like if a tree decided to cap its height at a comfortable seven feet.

Despite having the nice things of a satisfying life – a car, family, a home, financial stability – a lingering sense emerges. It’s the soul’s call for a deeper fulfillment.

Here’s where the use of psychedelics becomes significant, especially when integrated with the guidance of a coach or a guide. Our role is to assist you in diving deep into your desires and understanding why you are here on Earth. The key is to genuinely embody and be present with what resides in your heart and soul.

This is the type of work I do in collaboration with a friend. Our work incorporates what he terms as applied metaphysics. This involves examining your soul’s blueprint through a unique astrological and evolutionary modality that he personally developed, drawing from various modalities and teachings.

My time doing this work has provided valuable clarity about the path my soul is meant to be on. The process involves understanding how to align more closely with my soul’s journey. When you approach this work viewing it as a living organism, acknowledging the spirit within you, it becomes transformative. It’s like tapping into a being or a spirit within yourself that’s calling for more.


The Dance of Masculine and Feminine Energies

I’ve witnessed the transformative power year after year while guiding my clients through their journeys. It’s as if opportunities start to present themselves once they begin to contemplate a change. Suddenly, circumstances align to help make those changes a reality. When you start to have this conversation with your soul and the universe, you truly start to build a relationship with yourself within this container that wants to elevate you.

Even if there’s a seemingly magical element to the alignment that happens, it doesn’t mean everything will fall into place all at once. You won’t manifest a new business, high income, and new clients right away just because you say yes to it.

There are still tangible factors to consider, along with the co-creation of the masculine and feminine. It takes the masculine actions of really grounding something into this reality and the feminine ability to energetically connect to this place of your heart while working past the blocks.

I’ve observed this pattern not only within my mastermind group and private clients but also in shorter programs. It became clear to me that my role extends beyond facilitating experiences; I’m here to guide individuals in overcoming self-imposed barriers and freeing their souls, translating it into something tangible in the physical realm. In essence, my approach combines experiential processes with practical steps—embracing both the feminine and masculine energies.

In most of my coaching programs, participants engage in experiential processes while simultaneously working through actionable steps. This dynamic interaction often leads to the shedding of layers, fostering curiosity, and generating momentum, creating a vortex of transformative energy.

Sometimes, even to my surprise, I’ve witnessed individuals undergo significant up-leveling in a short amount of time. However, this outcome is more likely when clients are open-minded, receptive to coaching, and willing to do the inner work. And by the way, inner work doesn’t always have to be miserable. I believe it can be an enjoyable and exciting evolution of the soul.

Embracing Evolution in Our Soul’s Journey

While acknowledging the presence of trauma and the need for healing, I try to avoid overusing the term “healing” because I believe that each individual is precisely where they need to be in their soul’s evolutionary journey.

Each one of us has experienced traumas, issues, and perhaps challenging upbringings, including intergenerational traumas and past lives, contributing to the perfectly divine individuals we are now. And as beautiful, essential beings of light on Earth, our souls are designed for continuous evolution.

True living, in my view, doesn’t involve staying stuck or settling into comfort. When we place excessive meaning and fulfillment solely in the jobs we do or the milestones we achieve, we can lose our sense of self in the bigger picture of life, especially once we retire and move out of the jobs or roles we’d become used to. This rapid decline of self post-retirement is all too common.

So if you’re someone who has been asking themselves similar questions and wondering what happens next or who you would be without the job you’re currently doing, then I advise you to do some self-exploration, and of course, I’m here to help when you feel called to seek out my support. Check out my coaching programs and services page to explore how we can work together.