Moms on Mushrooms Microdosing Movement with Tracey Tee

Tracey Tee: Moms on Mushrooms Microdosing Movement, Episode 140, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Tracey Tee, founder of Moms on Mushroom (M.O.M.), speaks about the benefits of psychedelics, specifically psilocybin (magic mushrooms), for personal growth and healing. Tracey, who has been heavily involved in the ‘momosphere’ for many years, shares her journey of losing her business during the pandemic and how psilocybin helped her navigate this challenging time. 

She then discovered psychedelic healing and felt called to support other moms in the realm, and launched M.O.M. in 2022, an online community and digital microdosing course exclusively for moms. Her goal is for a million moms to publicly endorse psychedelics for healing, which she believes will help destigmatize their use and expedite their legalization. 

Tracey encourages a conscientious and slow introduction to the medicine and emphasizes the importance of feeling and processing emotions rather than numbing them, a frequent issue for moms as they face societal expectations of what motherhood “should” look like..

Episode Highlights

▶00:00 Welcome

▶01:06 Tracey’s background and journey into psychedelics

▶01:50 The power of microdosing

▶03:31 The role of intuition in microdosing

▶06:18 Tracey’s shift from comedy to psychedelics12:51 The birth of Moms on Mushrooms

▶23:25 The potential support psychedelics can provide modern mothers

▶35:42 The often overwhelming stress of modern motherhood

▶36:28 Introducing the M.O.M community: a safe space for mothers

▶37:00 The power of shared experiences and learning together

▶37:29 The structure and benefits of the M.O.M online membership

▶39:34 The importance of respecting psychedelics and taking care with their use

▶42:21 Transformational journeys of mothers in the M.O.M community

▶52:30 The challenges and triumphs of psychedelic advocacy

▶55:10 A future vision for Moms on Mushrooms

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