Ancient Modern: Using Science & Supplements to Enhance Psychedelic Therapy with Dr. John Lieurance

Dr. John LieuranceAncient Modern Using Science & Supplements to Enhance Psychedelic Therapy with, Episode 139, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Join Beth Weinsein for a high-level conversation about the intersection of health, spirituality, psychedelics and biohacking with special guest Dr. John Lieurance. Dr. John is an author, physician, lecturer, educationalist, and scientific advisor with 30 years of experience in functional and naturopathic medicine as well as holistic neurology. Topics discussed range from Dr. John’s career journey and zeal for vitality, longevity and consciousness enhancement, to the merits and potential pitfalls of psychedelic exploration.

Dr. John shares anecdotes from his first experience with psychedelics while growing up in Hawaii and talks about his recent work with developing cutting edge supplements, some of which have particular utility in preparation and recovery from psychedelic journeying. He also speaks about the important concept of memory consolidation and ketamine’s potential when served ceremonially and combined with deep breathwork. 

This is a one-of-kind episode packed with intriguing and useful information that you won’t want to miss!

Episode Highlights

00:00 Welcome
01:39 Dr. John Lieurance’s journey into holistic medicine
03:00 The power of functional chiropractic neurology
05:32 Mystical experience and connection with the divine
07:35 The intersection of traditional and modern medicine
07:54 Dr. John Lieurance’s early experiences with psychedelics
11:17 The role of biohacking and plant medicines in modern health
16:11 The debate on modernizing ancestral and ancient medicines
25:16 The purpose and intention behind biohacking
31:33 Understanding memory consolidation
32:46 The importance of REM Sleep in memory consolidation
33:08 Evening rituals for better memory consolidation
33:36 The role of melatonin and methylene blue in memory consolidation
35:31 Potential risks of methylene blue with certain psychedelic medicines
36:37 The use of plant polyphenols in medicine
39:54 The role of glutathione in liver protection
48:39 The future of psychedelics in medicine
51:59 The real cause of Alzheimer’s

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▶ Free copy of Dr. John’s Methylene Blue & Metabolic Medicine The “Magic Bullet” & Futuristic Medicine ebook:

▶ Book: Melatonin: Miracle Molecule: Transform your life with ‘high dose’ Melatonin. Benefits beyond sleep as the bodies master stress resilience molecule for healing & longevity

▶ Book: It’s All In Your Head: Endo Nasal Cranial Therapy

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