Glorification of Psychedelic Space Holding & Harsh Realities Unveiled

Beth Weinstein: Glorification of Psychedelic Space Holding & Harsh Realities Unveiled, Episode 138, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Listen in as Beth Weinstein, host of ‘Medicine for These Times’, shares her views on the growing popularity of psychedelic facilitation and some common misconceptions surrounding it. She strongly discourages the glorification of the role and highlights some potential challenges of being an underground psychedelic facilitator. 

Beth offers her perspective that despite the rise in demand, the job is not a shortcut to easy money and can be both draining and risky. However, she sees abundant opportunities to contribute to the psychedelic space in other ways, particularly as coaches or healers in complementary modalities.

Episode Highlights

  • Beth shares her insights about the psychedelic facilitator boom
  • Realities and challenges of being a psychedelic facilitator
  • The energetic demands of psychedelic facilitation
  • Multidimensional aspects of psychedelic facilitation
  • The need for psychedelic-informed coaches and healers
  • Abundant opportunities in the psychedelic space
  • An invitation to the True Path Entrepreneur Group Mastermind Program

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