Wayfinding Through Psychedelics and IFS Integration with Joi Whitmore

Joi Whitmore: Wayfinding Through Psychedelics and IFS Integration, Episode 137, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Joi is a Psychedelic Integration Coach and IFS-informed practitioner rooted in indigenous wisdom and holistic well-being. As an Instructor for Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach School, Joi employs time-honored teaching methods to guide individuals toward discovering their authentic selves. Deeply engaged with the concept of the Reality Roadmap, they offer a unique framework that harmonizes spiritual and personal growth. A significant focus of Joi’s practice involves researching the profound impact of music on psychedelic journeys, tapping into ancestral knowledge, and the transformative power of sound.

Episode Highlights

▶00:00 Welcome

▶01:24 Joi’s journey into psychedelic integration coaching

▶02:01 The impact of psychedelic journeys on her personal growth

▶02:52 The role of Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training in Joi’s Career

▶03:19 The importance of support in psychedelic experiences

▶04:37 Joi’s experience in Beth’s True Path Entrepreneur Mastermind Program

▶08:37 The role of psychedelics in Joi’s coaching practice

▶10:43 The power of Internal Family Systems in healing

▶17:15 The impact of psychedelic integration on clients

▶22:40 The importance of boundaries and personal growth in coaching

▶37:40 Future plans for Joi’s practice

Joi Whitmore’s Links & Resources

▶ Website: https://entheogenicpriestess.com

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