Elevating Business with Authentic & Aligned Branding with Bina Altera

Bina Altera: Elevating Business with Authentic & Aligned Branding, Episode 136, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Bina Altera is the intuitive, dynamic visual communicator behind the branding studio, BE-NA. An accomplished artist, illustrator, photographer, and designer, Bina created BE-NA for people who understand that a visual identity that reveals their true passion and purpose is essential to their success. The syllables of her first name inspired the name of the studio: ‘BE’ is a reminder to be in the moment and ‘NA’ means there is nothing (nada) in the way of infinite possibilities.

Prior to founding BE-NA, Bina’s photo-collage illustrations appeared in The New York Times, The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, and The Atlantic Monthly, among other noteworthy publications. She has received numerous awards for editorial art and she spent over a decade at the School of Visual Art, leading emerging technologies. While at SVA, a multi-disciplinary art and design school in Manhattan, she earned an MPS in Digital Photography, taught digital imaging and photography, and created a course in advanced digital printing. She also holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Boston.

Episode Highlights

▶00:00 Welcome

▶00:44 Getting to know Bina: her background and work

▶01:00 The importance of visual identity in success

▶03:09 Bina’s journey to becoming an artist

▶04:58 Bina’s experience with psychedelic medicines

▶09:31 Bina’s transition to entrepreneurship

▶11:04 The intersection of art and psychedelic work

▶15:24 The importance of branding in business

▶16:50 Bina’s unique approach to branding

▶19:12 The process of creating a brand

▶22:33 The role of intuition in Bina’s work

▶32:54 The importance of fonts in branding

▶35:40 The importance of intention in design

▶36:51 The evolution of a brand

▶37:54 The power of authenticity in branding

▶38:31 The journey to rebranding

▶38:46 Branding advice for new entrepreneurs

▶44:32 The fear of being copied and the future of AI in branding

▶54:18 Future plans and projects

Bina Altera’s Links & Resources

▶ Website: https://www.binaaltera.com/

▶ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/binaaltera/

▶ Facebook: /https://www.facebook.com/bina.altera

▶ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/binaaltera/

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