Nessi Gomes: Vocal Odyssey: Your Voice is the Medicine

Nessi Gomes: Vocal Odyssey: Your Voice is the Medicine:                          Episode 60, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Born on the tiny island of Guernsey (UK), singing and music became Nessi’s way of dealing with challenging life circumstances. From a young age, she discovered the ability to transform discomforts and unspoken emotions by exploring sound and has continued to root herself more and more in the therapeutic value of sonic expression. Nessi’s creative turning point took place seven years ago upon settling in the community of PachaMama in Costa Rica. The nature of the place has reshaped and deepened her approach toward music, therapy and self-healing. In the past 4 years Nessi has shared her music and voice retreats in 25 countries. In October 2016 she released her debut album ‘Diamonds & Demons’ and received Best of British Unsigned Female Artist for that year. Nessi Gomes is a musician with a BA in Creative Expressive Therapies in Music (Derby University, UK, 2008). She also has a Diploma with the British Academy of Sound Therapy in Group Voice Therapy – Chichester, UK, 2015. “Using my voice has helped me on so many levels, nourishing my spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing. For 20 years, working with my voice has revealed so much about who I am. It has particularly helped me to connect to the more difficult emotions and give them a channel, allowing this energy to shift and transform. Sound can act as a bridge so that we are able to connect to the joy of our unique expression and to unleash it in its complete beauty safely”.

In this episode, Nessi Gomes and Beth Weinstein speak about…

  • Nessi’s early mental health struggles and how singing ignited her healing journey
  • Nessi’s deep immersion into music therapy in her 20s
  • Traveling to South America at age 29 and discovering the PachaMama ecovillage, where Nessi experienced ayahuasca for the first time
  • How Nessi’s first ayahuasca ceremony was a massive turning point in her life, opening up radically new perspectives and transforming her music
  • How learning to let go of over-planning opened Nessi up to trust the signals of life and start to reconnect to the state of wonder
  • How working with sacred medicines can help you see the path forward more clearly
  • Peeling back the resistance and non-helpful beliefs you are carrying
  • Working with the voice as a detoxification process
  • How vocalizing can help you access deeper layers of understanding
  • Vocal work as a psychedelic integration tool
  • What is happening neurologically with vocal therapy and why it is helpful
  • Getting your judgments about your voice out of the way so that you can access a more direct connection with spirit
  • Singing as a mood elevator
  • Using signing to clear dark energies without needing to go into a narrative

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