Psychedelic Integration, Facilitation, Compassionate Inquiry & Somatic Release with Paul Antico

Paul Antico: Psychedelic Integration, Facilitation, Compassionate Inquiry & Somatic Release, Episode 96, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Paul Antico provides Psychedelic Integration through Panimus Integration, based in Los Angeles. He is also the Managing Director of PsychedeLiA Integration, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2016. He facilitates a regular integration circle on Dosage and Healing Trauma through PsychedeLiA Integration.

Paul is trained as a Certified Compassionate Inquiry Practitioner, Dr. Gabor Maté’s elegant and insightful approach to healing that fully supports plant medicine work. Paul is also trained as a Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Therapist, a powerful body centered trauma release modality from the Psychedelic Somatic Institute. He also provides Dr. Stephen Porges Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), a practical bottom-up approach to help people regulate their nervous system.

In this episode, Paul Antico and Beth Weinstein discuss…

  • Paul’s initial experience with ayahuasca as 100% overwhelming anxiety
  • How his instinct to lower the dose to be within his “window of tolerance” was critical to how he began to benefit from the medecine
  • Paul’s definition of psychedelic integration:  “integrating the disowned parts of yourself so you can become a bigger person”
  • Integration as an ongoing process
  • How you have to accept yourself as you are first, and things can shift from there
  • Is high dose medicine work worthwhile if you are totally consumed in navigating overwhelm?
  • Psycholitic medicine work: a lower does approach with more access to psychological insight
  • The healing potential of combining gentle bodywork with psyolytic medicine work
  • The controversy surrounding touch in psychedelic facilitation
  • Paul’s inspiration to create a “safe touch” training program
  • Paul’s recommended training options for people on the path to becoming a trauma-informed psychedelic facilitator or integration coach

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