Psychedelic Integration Through Ecopsychology and Community with Dr. Rosalind Watts

Dr. Rosalind Watts: Psychedelic Integration Through Ecopsychology and Community, Episode 113, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Dr. Rosalind Watts is a clinical psychologist and the founder of ACER Integration. Her contributions to the field of psychedelic therapy are numerous and include the development of the ACE model ‘Accept, Connect, Embody’, which has been used in clinical trials of both psilocybin and DMT, as well as the Watts Connectedness Scale, which is a psychometric tool for measuring outcomes of psychedelic therapy. Dr. Watts is the former clinical lead on the Psilocybin for Depression trial at Imperial College London, and sits on the clinical advisory board of the Usona Institute.

Episode Highlights

  • Dr. Rosalind Watts highlights the increasing popularity of psychedelic therapy and discusses its challenges, such as the potential for therapist burnout and financial accessibility for patients
  • She suggests a more sustainable model of group therapy with one-on-one support possibilities
  • Dr. Watts has developed the ACER model of integration and the Watts Connectedness Scale for measuring outcomes in psychedelic therapy
  • The ACER program is a year-long journey that encourages connection to self, others, and nature through themed monthly activities
  • Dr. Watts emphasizes the importance of local, stakeholder-supported centers over sole reliance on medical clinics
  • Acknowledging the physical and emotional demands of guiding patients through psychedelic therapy, she feels it is essential to limit the number of clients seen weekly
  • Dr. Watts accentuates the importance of having a team with strong relational trust for successful psychedelic therapy, suggesting the selection of individuals should be based on character traits over specific training or qualifications
  • She also calls for the establishment of an ethical code of standards, particularly for sexual misconduct in the psychedelic arena
  • She cautions against rapid growth driven by large venture capitalists, advocating instead for grassroots movements and community-based initiatives

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