The Illusions of Online Business & Courses

Beth Weinstein: The Illusions of Online Business & Courses, Episode 112, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

Join spiritual business coach Beth Weinstein as she demystifies the illusions surrounding starting and growing an online business and warns against the seductive, yet often misleading allure of ‘get-rich-quick’ strategies in online marketing. Instead of falling into the trap of these shortcuts, she stresses the importance of building a robust business foundation from scratch. Beth advocates for ‘business sovereignty’ and highlights the need for entrepreneurs to be discerning, only investing where they see a potential return and where it aligns with their business stage and needs. 

Episode Highlights

  • Beth shares her insights on the many illusions swirling around launching and growing an online business
  • She highlights the trend of people selling ‘secret formulas’ or ‘get-rich-quick’ strategies
  • Beth stresses the critical importance of establishing a solid foundation for your business and advises against taking shortcuts
  • As an entrepreneur, you should be prepared to invest time and effort into your business
  • Beth offers a mastermind program, private coaching, and an online course to support soul-centered entrepreneurial growth
  • The awakening of the human soul as a journey of the heart
  • She warns against excessive spending on online courses and coaching programs,  encouraging entrepreneurs to be selective about what they truly need
  • Beth only recommends resources that suit her client’s needs, emphasizing the importance of getting the right support for each stage of business growth
  • While you do need to be willing to invest in your business, you should also be extremely strategic about how you allocate your resources as you grow

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