Psychedelic Science + Ayahuasca in Peru: Insights into Darkness & Light

Beth Weinstein: Psychedelic Science + Ayahuasca in Peru: Insights into Darkness & Light, Episode 120, The Psychedelic Entrepreneur Podcast

In today’s deeply personal episode, Beth Weinstein reflects on her recent adventures to the Psychedelic Science ‘23 conference in Denver as well as an ayahuasca retreat in Peru. She shares her process of integrating these powerful experiences and important insights about navigating both the darkness and the light within the psychedelic space as well as within our own psyches.

Episode Highlights

  • Beth’s reflections on her recent travels to the Psychedelic Science ‘23 conference and an ayahuasca retreat in Peru
  • Navigating both the light and the darkness within the psychedelic space and our own psyches
  • Coming to terms with the reality that psychedelics are becoming a full-fledged ‘industry’ with an explosion of venture capitalists, corporations and entrepreneurs coming on the scene
  • The diverse attendees at the Psychedelic Science conference
  • Beth’s personal challenges of a mysterious illness during the conference closely followed by a series of extremely intense ayahuasca ceremonies
  • Insights on the depths of the human experience, emotional regulation, and the alchemical process of soul transformation
  • Worthiness and the need to recognize your own value
  • Finding purpose in your individual path and speaking your truth
  • The power of unity consciousness for global change
  • A vision of a more beautiful world through soulful journeys of self-discovery and transformation

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